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Eriol International Middle School (エリオール国際学園中等部 Eriōru kokusai Gakuen'naka-tō-bu?) is a middle school where you can collect the students' and faculty name tags from in Corpse Party: Blood Drive.



Name Occupation Age Sex Design
Hitotake Torio (鳥尾 一健 Torio Hitotake?) Teacher 30 years old Male N/A
Tomoka Sukegawa (助川 朝香 Sukegawa Tomoka?) Student Teacher 21 years old Female N/A


Name Class Age Sex Picture
First Year Students
Emi Wakazuki (和歌月 瑛美 Wakazuki Emi?) 1-A 14 years old Female N/A
Leona Oomura (大村 レオナ Ōmura Reona?) 1-A 14 years old Female N/A
Saki Mizuki (美月 咲貴 Mizuki Saki?) 1-B 13 years old Female N/A
Second Year Students
Hitomi Nishizaka (西坂 仁美 Nishizaka Hitomi?) 2-D 14 years old Female N/A

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