Entry (FAD)
Appears in

CP: For Another Day


Tsukiko's inventory

 Entries are notes written by Tsukiko Tachibana while being inside Heavenly Host Elementary School .


Chapter 1: Lost the Way

Entry #1

Woke up in what appears to be theruins of Heavenly Host Elementary School. Ryuga appeared soon after, but he doesn't seem to know what's going on, either.

Entry #2

Found the corpse of a girl by the stairs to the roof. Exact conditions of death are uncertain.

Entry #3

I met Murakami at the 2-3 stairway hiding in a locker. Does nobody know what's going on?

Entry #4

A spirit helped us escape from what we can only hope to call a Shinigami. We met Kamijou and Ishikawa in the following room.

Entry #5

Stairs to the first floor are blocked off by a gaping hole. Need to find something to bridge the gap.

Chapter 2: Lean on Me

Entry #6

Ishikawa and I fell through the floor into some kind of underground area. First order of business is getting out of here..

Entry #7

Looks like there's someone else down in this underground area, too.

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