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—Corpse party: Sister's call, Tagline

Corpse Party:Sisters Call
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The startup screen for the game
Video Game Information



Various Artists.


RPG Maker VX Ace





Corpse party: Sister's Call is an upcoming Corpse Party fangame made in RPG Maker VX Ace by Chi. The game is currently in development, and Chi is planning to release a demo for the game. The game will also feature art from other contributors, and voice acting. Chi is still looking for more voices.


It follows the story of an 11th grader at Byakudan High, Chi. Chi is friends with the Byakudans we all know and love, Mitsuki, Fukuroi, et al.

Chi was ill the day they performed the Sachiko Ever After charm, and was confused why their friends have disappeared.


The only known characters to appear are Chi and probably the rest of Byakudan Senior High School kids.


  • Corpse party: Sister's call is one of the first Corpse Party fan games to use a lower case in the word "party".
  • The main character and creator share the same name, this is due to the fact the creator couldn't find a fitting name for Chi and used their nickname.

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