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Corpse Party D2:
Zero Hope
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Horror Visual Novel

Corpse Party D2: Zero Hope is a Ren'Py game based on the original NEC PC-9801 version of CORPSE-PARTY featuring influences and designs from Corpse Party for the PlayStation Portable. The game was written by Jackkel Dragon and illustrated by Hiragi-HOUX of Team Despair. It is an indirect sequel to Corpse Party D2: Depths of Despair and a direct sequel to CORPSE-PARTY ZERO. It is known under the abbreviation CPD2Z.


Years ago, Kaori Hasegawa told a ghost story to her little sister Shiho before leaving school for the night, and the two found themselves trapped in the cursed schoolhouse of Heavenly Host High. Despite all her efforts, Kaori could not keep her sister alive. That night, Kaori vowed that she wouldn’t let her sister become lonely.

Years passed, but Kaori couldn’t replicate the events that brought her to the old schoolhouse. She became an instructor at Tendo Senior High, quickly rising in popularity. She was known as the ghost story teacher, a image that she embraced.

On a rainy after-school night, four students prepare for the school cultural festival. A familiar chain of events unfolds after Kaori interrupts the festival preparations to tell a ghost story, and she once again throws open the curtain to nightmares...


  • Kaori Hasegawa (26 years old): The homeroom teacher of Tendo Senior High's Class II-A.
  • Misaki Asahara (16 years old): A student of Tendo Senior High's Class II-A. A recent transfer student, having changed schools between the spring and fall terms.
  • Ryoto Tayama (17 years old): A student of Tendo Senior High's Class II-A. Popular, but dislikes bullies.
  • Yukio Iwakura (17 years old): A student of Tendo Senior High's Class II-A. Rude and cynical, with few friends.
  • Tsukiko Wakahisa (17 years old): A student of Tendo Senior High's Class II-A. A loner that is often bullied by her classmates.


  • Many of the original characters appearing in this game will appear in non-Corpse Party stories written by the developers.

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