Chapter 1

  • [Nurse Office]: Examine the poster and the door and talk to Seiko (any order).
  • [2FW Hallway]: Enter the first door on the south side of the hallway.
  • [Operation 2-1]: Examine the corpse.
  • [2FW Hallway]: Walk to the east end of the hallway.
  • [Women’s Bathroom 2F]: Examine the sink with the glow.
  • [2FE Hallway]: Enter the first door on the south side of the hallway.
  • [MRI 2-3]: Examine the bed propped against the east door.
  • [2FE Hallway]: A victim’s memoir is on the far east end of the hallway.
  • [3FW Stairwell]: Another victim’s memoir is on the stairwell.
  • [Wrong End 3]: Do not enter Recovery 3-3 and do not acquire the cellphone to unlock Wrong End 1*3 later.
  • [Recovery 3-3]: Interact with the item glow in the top left corner.
  • [1FW Hallway]: Enter Storage 1-2A and men’s bathroom to find two more victim’s memoirs.
  • [Wrong End 2]: Reading all four victim’s memoirs triggers Wrong End 1*2.
  • [Recovery 1-3]: Interact with the item glow in the far right corner. Escape the room without being caught.
  • [Wrong End 1]: Let your HP be reduced to 0 while being grappled to trigger Wrong End 1*1.
  • [2FE Hallway]: Enter the open doorway. After the event, enter the new opened doorway.
  • [Wrong End 3]: If the cellphone was not found, Wrong End 1*3 triggers.
  • [2FE Hallway]: Try to access the east stairwell. (Clear end.)

Chapter 2

Note: Some events can be seen in different orders, and may have alternate dialogue based on which other events have been seen.

  • [2FE Hallway]: Open the door on the far right, north side.
  • [2FW Hallway]: Enter the Nurse Office (far left, north side.)
  • [Nurse Office]: Examine the bulletin board. Examine the couch.
  • [2FW Hallway]: Enter Operation 2-2 (3rd and 4th doors from left on south side).
  • [Operation 2-2]: Examine the body on the table.
  • [Wrong End 1]: Let HP be reduced to zero in 2FW to trigger Wrong End 2*1.
  • [2FW Hallway]: Enter the stairwell and go to the first floor.
  • [Storage 1-2A]: Pick up the circuit board.
  • [1F Lobby]: Examine the front entrance.
  • [1F Lobby]: (Optional) Examine the candle after Naho joins the party.
  • [Operation 1-1]: Talk to the spirit and pick up the key.
  • [1FE Hallway]: Enter the records room (leftmost north doors).
  • [Records 1-4]: Examine the file cabinet 3rd from the left.
  • [Morgue 1-6]: (Optional) Pick up the key.
  • [Wrong End 2]: Let HP be reduced to zero in the Morgue to trigger Wrong End 2*2.
  • [3FW Stairwell]: Pick up the key.
  • [ER 2-4]: (Optional) Enter using the key from Morgue 1-6.
  • [MRI 2-3]: Examine the circuitry with the circuit board collected. Examine the note on the ground. Examine the MRI machine.
  • [2FW Hallway]: Examine the Doctor’s Office door.
  • [Generator Room]: Examine the bonesaw. (Clear End)
  • [Wrong End 3]: Let the timer run out in the generator room to trigger Wrong End 2*3.

Chapter 3

  • [2FC Hallway]: Remain in control of Naomi’s party and go east. Head to first floor and enter southern doors.
  • [Assembly Room]: Examine the panel next to the table. Examine the poster near the doorway. Examine the body. Head back upstairs.
  • [Storage Freezer]: Examine one of the freezers. Head back downstairs.
  • [Assembly Room]: Examine the corpse several times. Head back upstairs.
  • [Wrong End 1]: Let HP be reduced to zero in the assembly room to trigger Wrong End 3*1.
  • [X-Ray Room]: Examine the metal plate. Return to the meeting spot and switch to Naho’s party.
  • [Records Room]: Examine the locker (2nd object from far right). Head upstairs.
  • [Wrong End 2]: Let HP be reduced to zero in the 3rd floor hallway to trigger Wrong End 3*2.
  • [Storage Room]: (Optional) Pick up the loose board.
  • [Generator Room]: Examine the circuit panel. Examine the exposed wires. Examine the generator and switch it on. Press the lit-up switch. Head to the first floor.
  • [1FW Hallway]: Use the metal plate to cross the pit.
  • [Wrong End 3]: Use the wooden board found in the storage room to cross the pit to trigger Wrong End 3*3.
  • [1FW Hallway]: Pick up the crowbar. Head back to the meeting spot and switch to Naomi’s party.
  • [1FE Hallway]: Pry open the boarded doorway.
  • [B1E Hallway]: Examine the exit in the northwest corner. Examine the pit in the southwest corner. Enter the northeast doors.
  • [Basement Morgue]: Examine the girl’s corpse.
  • [B1E Hallway]: Enter the northwest doors.
  • [Basement Operation]: Examine the corpse.
  • [B1E Hallway]: Head toward the morgue until the event plays. Head to the pit and pick up the key. Use the key to open the southeastern door. (Clear End)
  • [Wrong End 4]: Let HP be reduced to zero in the basement hallway to trigger Wrong End 3*4.

Chapter 4

Naomi’s Party:

  • [B1C Hallway]: Examine the shining object to get the B1E master key.
  • [Basement Morgue]: Examine each button in order until reaching the button on the far wall. Press the button on the far wall.
  • [B2E Hallway]: Walk to the far end and examine the shining object. Return by navigating over the pit (the paths are invisible, the red pentagrams teleport the player to the next segment or back to the beginning. The second segment’s correct pentagram is the leftmost one, and the third segment’s correct pentagram is the upper one.)
  • [Machi’s Room]: Examine the papers on the operation table to find part of the Secret Diary.

Naho’s Party:

  • [Basement Storage]: Examine the shiny object to find the key to the chemical laboratory.
  • [Chemical Lab]: Enter from the leftmost door and examine the figure. Head down to the second basement level.
  • [Collection Room]: Examine the figure and leave.
  • [B2W Hallway]: Follow the figure to the south and examine it when it stops. Go back upstairs.
  • [Hirata’s Room]: Examine the papers on the table to find part of the Secret Diary.

Joint Party:

  • [B1C Hallway]: Return to the meeting place.
  • [Normal End Route]: Immediately examine the elevator and go down.
  • [True End Route]: Find the remaining Secret Diary entries before using the elevator.

Secret Diary Locations:

  • [B2W Hallway]: At the dead end.
  • [B2E Hallway]: Near the entrance.
  • [Basement Operation]: Alongside the corpse.


  • [Corpse Pile]: (True End Route only) Leave the room.
  • [Dark Pit/Dark Hallway]: Move northward until the scene changes.
  • [Kizami Confrontation]: Choose the options (lower choice, upper choice, lower choice, upper choice) to talk down Kizami. If Kizami isn’t talked down, a QTE event begins. The game continues regardless of the result.
  • [Dark Hallway/Dark Pit]: Head southward and talk to the ghost. Head into the eastern room.
  • [Dark Staircase]: After the event, examine the door and complete the QTE before time runs out. (Clear End)
  • [Wrong End 1]: Let the timer run out before opening the final door.


Note: The “survival rank” affects which scenes play in the epilogue of the True Ending and alters the dialogue of the Normal Ending.

  • True Ending: Find all Secret Diary entries.
  • Normal Ending: Don’t find all of the Secret Diary entries.
  • Survival Rank A: Talk Kizami out of fighting.
  • Survival Rank B: Fight Kizami and win.
  • Survival Rank C: Fight Kizami and lose.

Extra Chapter 1

Unlock: Clear Chapter 1.

  • [3FW Hallway]: Examine the stairwell door.
  • [Storage 3-1]: Examine the shining object.
  • [Wrong End 1]: Don’t collect the item from Storage 3-1 before entering Recovery 3-2. After entering Recovery 3-2, examine the locker.
  • [Recovery 3-2]: Examine the locker with the items from Storage 3-1. (Clear End)

Extra Chapter 2

Unlock: Clear Chapter 3.

  • [B2E Hallway]: Walk to the right and examine the object at the end of the hallway. (Clear End)

Extra Chapter 3

Unlock: Clear Chapter 4, True Ending (any rank).

  • [Reanimation Room]: Finish the QTE. (Clear End)

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