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Corpse Party: The Restless Dreams Trilogy
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Corpse Party
Corpse Party: The Restless Dreams Trilogy



Corpse Party: The Restless Dreams Trilogy is a fan series of Corpse Party stories made by BraveVesperia101. It features a new set of characters as they try to survive in Heavenly Host.

The Restless Dreams Trilogy is a entire reboot/overhaul of the original Corpse Party: The New Blood Saga with new character names, new settings and a more put together story than the original saga.


Here is the list of fan-stories in Corpse Party: New Blood saga:

Currently in Development




  • Corpse Party: New Blood was meant to be a trilogy with Corpse Party: New Blood being the first story, Corpse Party: Blood Feast was the second and Corpse Party: New Blood 3 Homecoming was the final one, but the series was expanded to include two prequels, a side story and two 'what if' scenarios.
  • The Restless Dreams Trilogy will still include Sweet Home: Grave Torments and Corpse Party: Devil's Flute and ~You Will (Not) Live~ but with edited characters, titles and stories and are spin-offs to Corpse Party: Restless Dreams

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