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Corpse Party: Shattered Soul is a game of HeroLuka. Every choice in this game, no matter how small or trivial, will affect something later on. 


The story follows two American boys as they live their everyday school life from day to day. After encountering a strange ghost in a dream like situation, Chance does his best to move on and continue his life with his best friend.

However after being accepted into the transfer student program, he and his best friend Matthew transition to Kisaragi Academy months before the Sachiko Ever After charm takes place. Not knowing what will take place there, He and his friend will bring new humor, mischievous antics, and laughs along the way as they find some way to escape.


  • Chanceler Wells  - The main protagonist of the game. Unaware of the horrors that he was about to face, he lives his normal life in peace. Having recently been accepted into the transfer student program, he quickly gets used to life outside of America. With his best friend Matthew, they slowly get back into their non-serious demeanor as they constantly pick on each other. At first, it seems like they may annoy each other, but in actuality, Chance treats Matthew as if he were his little brother.
  • Matthew Hills - The other main protagonist of the game. Unaware of Chance's bad dreams, he never brings it up as they joke around together and have plenty of laughs along the way. Like Chance, he also has a witty sense of humor and never fails to do things that may annoy Chance. After being accepted into the transfer student program with Chance, they quickly get used to their small home in Japan. Since he and Chance are in the same grade, it was only natural for them to end up together in Kisaragi's 2-9 class.


Due to the games artist leaving the group and in favor of a new game idea this game was cancelled. 


  • Corpse Party: Shattered Soul is the first game on the wiki to be cancelled.

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