Naomi's Segment

  • The first choice determines which endings will be available later.
  • [Optional] Enter the Infirmary and examine the sink to obtain the holy water.
  • Go to the west end of 2F and go upstairs to 3FW. Take the loose board.
  • Go to 2FW and use the loose board to access classroom 1-A.
  • Enter classroom 1-A from the north door and pull the lever.
  • Enter classroom 1-A from the south door and collect the wind-up key.
  • Head to 2FE. An event will force Naomi into classroom 3-A.
  • [Ending 1] Get caught by Yoshie.
  • Avoid Yoshie and collect the rusted key. Use the key to leave the room. (Naomi can be grabbed once without dying. She gets a second free chance if she has the holy water.)
  • [Ending 2] Use the lever at 2FE. Force the lever without using a key.
  • Use the lever at 2FE. Use the wind-up key to start it.
  • Go upstairs to 3FE and enter the girls' bathroom. Examine the stall with the rope.
  • Examine the note that appears in the bathroom corner.
  • Enter the tunnel behind the middle stall.

Seiko's Segment

  • Go downstairs to the northwest corner of 1F and grab the loose board.
  • Enter classroom 5-A and use the loose board to cross.
  • Approach the custodian's closet.

Naomi's Segment

  • The choice selected in the custodian's closet will affect which ending is received and is affected by the initial choice.
  • [Ending 3] Naomi gave up during the first choice and stays with Seiko in the custodian's closet.
  • Head towards classroom 5-A.
  • Enter the girls' bathroom. Examine the stall with the rope.
  • Examine Seiko twice.
  • Examine Seiko again. Choose to lift her on Naomi's shoulders.
  • [Ending 4] (method 1) Examine Seiko again and try to grab her again.
  • [Ending 4] (method 2) Leave the bathroom and examine the bucket. Return to Seiko.
  • Examine Seiko again. If an option is presented, select one (this will determine the ending). Then leave the bathroom.
  • Approach the stairwell.
  • [Endings 5] Finish the game without meeting the requirements for Ending 6.
  • [Endings 6] Naomi apologized during the first choice, stayed with Seiko in the custodian's closet, then chose to leave Seiko in the bathroom.

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