What I don't like is being alone.

—Corpse Party: PROEM, (Tagline)

Corpse Party: PROEM
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Corpse Party
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RPG Maker VX Ace




Horror Adventure

Corpse Party: PROEM is an RPG Maker VX Ace game based on the BloodCovered canon of Corpse Party. The game is created by Hiragi-HOUX. PROEM is the prelude game to Corpse Party: NEXT.


Mikomi Katsuhiro has always had a problem; she feels lonely. Even with her few but incredibly amazing friends, she feels scared that one day they'll all just disappear. When her friend Miwa shows the Sachiko Ever After charm, she thinks it might be a good idea, it might even help her become friends with another girl in their group who seems to hate her.

But when she wakes up alone in Heavenly Host, away from everyone and everything she's used to, she realises she might have to face her worst fear, and much sooner than she ever anticipated.


  • Mikomi Katsuhiro (17 years old) - A somewhat tomboyish girl just trying to get through life and be happy with her friends.
  • Miwa Todo (16 years old) - A girl who often doesn't think before she speaks, and Mikomi's best friend.
  • Yukiko Morine (16 years old) - Very uptight and heavily dislikes Mikomi, however cares greatly about everyone else.
  • Shibui Honda (17 years old) - Mikomi's friend since elementary school, a huge potty mouth, and Kentaro's best friend.
  • Kentaro Takagi (17 years old) - Yukiko's cousin and the kind, short-statured class representative.

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