I couldn't protect them... but I'll stop this curse before anyone else falls to it!

—Corpse Party: New Blood ~You Will (Not) Live~, (Tagline)

Corpse Party New Blood: You Will (Not) Live
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Corpse Party
Corpse Party: The New Blood Saga






RPG Maker VX Ace



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TBA (Fanfic Version)
TBA (Game Version)
TBA (Another Cut Version)



Corpse Party: New Blood ~You Will (Not) Live~ (Originally called Corpse Party: New Blood If...) is an alternate ending and possible sequel to Corpse Party: New Blood, it follows Jessie Lowell and chronicles his life after he escaped Heavenly Host with his siblings and his two friends Cheryl Belnades and Lucas Amano, the story picks up eight years after the events of Corpse Party: New Blood and unlike it's sister story Corpse Party: Devil's Flute, this story doesn't connect Corpse Party: New Blood ~The Extended Cut~ and Corpse Party: New Blood ~The Original Cut~.

Unlike Corpse Party: Devil's Flute, ~You Will (Not) Live~ is strictly a story with some plans for converting it to a fangame, so far five chapters have been written and will be posted when Corpse Party: New Blood is completed.

Corpse Party: New Blood ~You Will (Not) Live~ is the only "what if" ending that has a true sequel to it's ending, called Corpse Party: Devil's Knot.


Eight years after "The Corpse Party Incident", Jessie Lowell had escaped the curse of Heavenly Host with his siblings and his childhood friends, Cheryl Belnades and Lucas Amano, after graduating University he has become a teacher in his old high School, but upon returning to Seven Sisters High School students have begun to die along with the teachers of the School, believing this to be caused by the curse of Heavenly Host and with the appearance of the spirits of his dead friends he has sunken into a deep depression.

However on the eve of the eighth year since the Corpse Party Incident, Jessie is seen sitting in the gym where he places a bouquet of flowers for his friends, meanwhile one of his students, Ariana Stewart asks him what's he doing and he explains the truth behind the "Curse of Class 59" after his story they are warped to Heavenly Host along with the members of Class 59 and the remaining members of the old Class 59.


  • Jessie Lowell (Age 24): The newest teacher of Seven Sisters High School, he is described by his students as being very upbeat and well liked by his class however in recent months, Jessie's wife Cheryl died and with the upcoming eighth year since the incident he has been described as being depressed and not the same teacher as before, many students from other classes say he's the reason for the recent deaths of other students.
  • Ariana Stewart (Age 16): One of the many students of Class 59, she is the more quiet member of the class and shows more affection towards Jessie, many other students call her freaky because of hey eye patch and one green eye.
  • Lucas Amano (Age 24): A detective in the Arunagi Police force and a close childhood friend of Jessie Lowell, he is seen with Jessie in the gym to pay respects to his deceased friends and to find a way to put an end to the curse of Class 59.
  • Cheryl Belnades (Age 24 at death): Jessie's wife who died while she slept, it is unknown how she died, but it is hinted that she was killed by Adriana Echols.
  • Roland Lowell (Age 19): Jessie's younger brother who is also a survivor of the Corpse Party incident, he is a university student at Lunarvale University, it is rumoured by students of Seven Sisters that he can't age anymore since he should at least be 20.
  • Anna Lowell (Age 21 at death): Anna is Jessie's younger sister who also survived the Corpse Party incident, a month before the start of the story she committed suicide after being tormented by Lloyd DeWitt's ghost.
  • Lloyd DeWitt (Age 16 at death): Lloyd was one of Jessie's friends before he was killed in the school, Lloyd died after he protected Roland from Yuki Kanno where he was thrown from the window and was killed by his counterpart from ~The Original Cut~
  • Adriana Echols (Age 16 at death): Adriana was one of Jessie's classmates before she killed herself, how she died was a mystery, but it is hinted that she used the Book of Shadows to kill Ayumi Shinozaki before killing herself at her cousin's doorstep.
  • Chelsea Hargreaves (Age 16 at death) Chelsea was one of Jessie's closest friends and is the only ghost that does not try and kill him, she is usually seen helping people who become trapped in Heavenly Host.
  • Kaori Suou (Age 16 at death): A transfer student from Kisaragi Academy, she is seen taunting Jessie about Cheryl's death and how he can't save anyone this time, in a flashback it is revealed that she forced Jessie to have sex with her under the influence of her darkening.


  • Corpse Party New Blood: You Will (Not) Live's setting is based on "Another".