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Corpse Party: NEXT
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Corpse Party
NEXT Series




RPG Maker VX Ace




Horror Adventure

Corpse Party: NEXT (tentative title) is a RPG Maker VX Ace game based on the BloodCovered canon of Corpse Party . The game is written by Hiragi-HOUX and outlined by Jackkel Dragon of Team Despair


Masao Ide has never fit in particulary well at Lexern senior high, his new school, so in an attempt to make him feel more included into his new friend-group, Emiko Suzuki suggests a charm she found one day while browsing the internet, sure it'll make their friendships stronger.

But when the group of seven tear the charm into pieces, it sends them into a horrifying dimension of which none of them were prepared for. Now, their only choices are to escape the hellish school, die trying, or face their ultimate despair.


  • Miu Hiranuma: Despite being mute from birth, Miu never lets it get in her way, and has easily become the most popular girl in class for her friendly attitude.
  • Suzume Saito: The tough and cold class representative. Suzume has little tolerance for her friends slacking, and isn't afraid to hide it. Despite this, she's incredibly attached to her best friend Miu.
  • Keiko Shobo: An often bullied, timid girl, Keiko likes to keep to herself, but opens up around her friends, especially Masao, who she sees as an older brother figure.
  • Emiko Suzuki: A firm but friendly girl, Emiko sees her situation in Heavenly Host as an opportunity to prove herself.
  • Masao Ide: A short and closed-off guy, he doesn't feel he fits in with his friends, and would much rather spend time only with Keiko.
  • Noboru Shidehara: A cynical, tired boy who when not sleeping in classes, skips them to work.
  • Hayate Suzuki: The younger fraternal twin of Emiko, Hayate is the class clown and would do anything to cheer up his friends when they're down.
  • Mikomi Katsuhiro: A student from Mizukihana who seems all too desensitized to what's happening.
  • Shigeta Miyabe: A strange man who seems oddly prepared for his situation, and is unfazed by the terror around him.

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