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Corpse Party: Locked Death
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Video Game Information

Corpse Party


Kymo Misenica Kobayashi




RPG Maker VX Ace




Horror, Adventure, Comedy

Corpse Party: Locked Death is a RPG Maker VX Ace game based on the BloodCovered canon of Corpse Party. The game is written by Kymo Misenica Kobayashi and illustrated by Hiragi-HOUX.

Corpse Party: Locked Death has a similar gameplay to Corpse Party. The story unfolds as you explore the halls of Heavenly Host Elementary School. Failing to meet certain requirements could lead the players into a wrong end, and sometimes, a wrong start. Occasionally, a character may trip a land mine, also leading to their demise.


On a regular day in a regular hospital, the somewhat-incompetent rehabilitation worker Alyssa Kyosokabe is to run a meeting to assist disadvantaged or disabled children, teens, and adults with any difficulties they might be having. However, nothing goes as planned, as the attendees are all cramped into a too-small room with no chairs, and she ends up being the last to arrive in the end. She gets everyone to introduce themselves, but it all ends badly when Kymo Kobayashi offers up a friendship charm they discovered in a certain game they had played recently...


  • Kymo Misenica Kobayashi (22 years old) - A young adult with aspergers, Kymo didn't even want to come to the meeting and would rather have spent the time doing something better. Analytical but dumb, somehow.
  • Gaira Motoya - An easily-enraged man who lost his right arm in an accident a month prior to game-events.
  • Hakurei Tsukasa - A claustrophobic college student with a compulsion to eat when nervous.
  • Hayama Tsuri (17 years old) - An overtly paranoid boy who can and will panic at the drop of a hat.
  • Anitsumi Maya - A young woman with prosopagnosia who can be very blunt and seemingly-insensitive.
  • Mina Kutiya - The youngest of the group. Mina has color-blindness, likes shiny things and enjoys games like Corpse Party.
  • Yoshiante Kutiya - Mina's father is a respectable man who tries his best to keep things orderly. Attends the meeting to care for Mina and due to his own epilepsy.
  • Alyssa Kyosokabe - The leader of the meeting, a dyslexic, somewhat airheaded woman. Is kinda motherly towards the group.


  • The game has a selectable-upon-starting viewpoint character which will allow the player to go through the character's entire scenario just playing as them.
  • There are two playable versions of the 'protagonist' Kymo: a male one, and a female one.
  • The game was originally created in VX Ace Lite for a contest on a forum, but the contest seemingly never went anywhere, so the creator decided to develop it further in the full VX Ace engine.

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