(We're just your average two teen guys, except for the fact we don't take anything seriously.)

Chanceler Wells, Prologue: Innocent Curiosity

Corpse Party: Interception
Video Game Information

Corpse Party
HeroLuka's Fan-Games




RPG Maker VX Ace



Release Date(s)

January 25, 2014


Horror Adventure

Corpse Party: Interception is a RPG Maker VX Ace game made by HeroLuka and was released on January 25, 2014. The story consists of two American boys interfering with the Corpse Party timeline. The same events transpire, but with twists due to the altering of events.


Being a fan of the game itself, protagonists Chanceler and Matthew attempt to intercept the original timeline of Corpse Party in an attempt to prevent the multitude of original deaths that take place there.

Being able to see what happens, Chanceler and Matthew inspect the school, cracking non-serious jokes here and there hoping to save the victims, and have a multitude of laughs along the way. Of course, messing with the timeline there could alter some very important events. No one knows how they will deal with the change of story, but that doesn't matter to them.


  • Chanceler Wells: The main protagonist of this game. He's Matthew's best friend and won't hesitate to treat him like he's his younger brother. With a heart of gold, and high sense of humor, he too will attempt to make light of a situation and joke around with Matthew. His current interest is helping out the teens from Heavenly Host Elementary School and saving them from a cruel fate. Expressing so much interest as to drag Matthew in it, he's taken to Heavenly Host himself in hopes of cracking jokes here and there, and to warn the teens of their possible demise.
  • Matthew Hills: A teenager who can make anyone laugh. With a high sense of humor, he can turn any situation and cause anyone to break out a smile. His nature is one of kindness and caring, he has immature moments which can lead others into believing he is younger than he truly is. He doesn't take anything too serious and sometimes has a tendency to get in trouble for fooling around when the timing isn't appropriate. Knowing all of this however, he won't hesitate to help others in need, and is truly scared of almost nothing.

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