Wrong End Final
There are several endings within Corpse Party: For Another Day. One of which is the true ending to the chapter, while the rest are wrong endings. 
Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: For Another Day follow

Chapter 1: Lost our Way

True End

Tsukiko, along with Rin, Ayane and Ichika feel that the floor is weak and it soon collapses, taking them down.

Wrong End 1: Bystander's Guilt

Tsukiko let's Sanae's spirit horribly murder Ryuga. Having lost her hope, she quickly succumbs to darkening.


  • After getting a choice from Sanae's spirit, let her kill Ryuga.

Wrong End 2: Contaminated Water

Tsukiko gives Rin a water bottle, but after drinking it, Rin starts to cough up blood and eventually dies.


  • As Tsukiko, go to the lavatories and collect the water.
  • After Rin says she is thirsty, choose to give her the water bottle.

Wrong End 3: Uninvited

Tsukiko and the others try to go inside the room, but after opening the room, they get pushed by the spirit, who kills them and throws out Tsukiko's head.


  • After you get Ayane and Ichika in your party, try go into the classroom, if you find the one that closes the door and says to get out, try to go in again.

Chapter 2: Lean on Me

True End

Tsukiko, Ayane and Seijiro walk inside the classroom and see Hitomi praying.

Wrong End 4: Dead Man's Trigger

Tsukiko tries to open a door to room 3, but she then hears a clicking sound and gets shot.


  • After unlocking the door to room 3, don't run out of the way.

Wrong End 5: Devils Plaything

Tsukiko walks into a room, but after reading the note on the table she sees that the door she came in is gone. She tries to look for an exit, but her look is in vein. After a while the door appears and she walks away, but as she is walking away, Tsukiko's body is seen in the room. Ayane finds Tsukiko, it's then revealed that the one who killed Tsukiko and took her form is Kuro. He then kills Ayane.


  • Walk inside the B2 Room 01.
  • Read the note.

Wrong End 6: Curiosity

Tsukiko and Ayane both look into a note, and it starts to write itself. While the both stay, they see that the note wrote "I will KILL YOU". The both turns around, and a spirit kills them.


  • Inside the Entrance of the other building, go and read the note in between the shelves.
  • Keep reading it over and over.
Significant plot details end here.

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