There are several endings within Corpse Party: Accursed Dimension. One of which is the true ending to the chapter, while the rest are wrong endings.

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Accursed Dimension follow

Chapter 1: Rift

Wrong End 01

After several failed tries Asuka falls victim to Yoshie in the bathroom.


  • Let the ghost in Girls' Lavatory attack you until you die.

Chapter 2: Sequence

Wrong End 01

Wrong End 02

Chika looks directly into Ryou's eyes, and he manages to mesmerize her into coming to him. In a trance like state, she falls into a pit that seperated her from the child. The last thing she hears are the sounds of Ryou laughing, and Kanna crying out in despair.


  • While in control of Chika, get eye-to-eye with the blue spirit in F2 Hallway or inspect the shining object near the blue spirit after picking up "Holy Water".

Wrong End 08

Not taking into note the sharpened piano wire that was strung across the hallway, Hideki gets decapitated whilst trying to cross. Yuki and the other two children spirits appear, laughing maniacally at the sight of Hideki's corpse.


  • While in control of Hideki, at F1 Hallway, try to walk across invisible wires.


  • While in control of Hideki a second time, at F1 Hallway, inspect an invisible wire which Hideki tries to crawl over it. There is a chance that this Wrong End occurs.

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