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Catalogue of the Dead
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Fan Fiction Information

Corpse Party




January 22, 2013




M (for blood, gore, and language)


11 chapters


22,101 words

Catalogue of the Dead is a fan-fiction written by Rainymittens. It features various stories of people who's mane tags you can find in the Corpse Party games, trapped inside Heavenly Host, attempting to piece together the vague clues left in-game by the position of the bodies, the cause of death, notes left around the bodies, and any other information available.


  1. Self - Retells the story of Tsutaya Azuma from St. Maryanne University High School.
  2. Footsteps - The protagonist of this chapter is unknown.
  3. Piano - Talks about the afterlife of Tomoyuki Hamada from Seisei Academy for Girls.
  4. Rain - Retells the story of Tomoe Mizuki from Misato Municipal Brotherhood High.
  5. Spite - Retells the story of Hirune Tanaka from Aizome Junior High School.
  6. Notes - Talks about Mitsuharu Ohtakis from Misato Municipal Brotherhood High fate.
  7. Reception - Talks about Yuki Sakakibara from Shibagami Private Senior High School.
  8. Memory - Retells the story of Takuya Arai from Lexern Senior High School.
  9. Imagine - The protagonist of this chapter is unknown.
  10. Darkening - Retells the story of Kokuhaku Akaboji from Misatio Municipal Brotherhood High.
  11. Sanctuary - The protagonist of this chapter is unknown.
  12. Love - Retells the story of Hotaru Kanzanaki and Nayuki Minatiogawa from Lexern Senior High School.
  13. Believe - Retells the story of Eriya Seto from Amazaki West Senior Private School.

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