This is for the fan remake of CORPSE-PARTY ZERO. To see the original, go here.
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An evil spirit created this world as a closed space. Many have been brought down here, yet thus far there has been zero survivors.

—Kaori Hasegawa, Demo

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Japanese Title



Corpse Party


CORPSE-PARTY-0 Production & Collaboration Team


RPG Maker XP




Horror Adventure

CORPSE-PARTY-0 (コープスパーティー・ゼロ Kōpusu Pātī Zero?) is a RPG Maker XP re-telling of CORPSE-PARTY ZERO. The game was made by the CORPSE-PARTY-0 Production & Collaboration Team, a group of members who were involved with CORPSE-PARTY ZERO, led by SinΦ. It is known under the abbreviation CORPSE 0/2.

The fan game is considered incomplete, as only a demo is released.


There is a recent phenomena where students from a local nearby school would wind up disappearing without a trace. When two students in Kaori Hasegawa's school end up with the same fate and went missing three days ago on a rainy after-school day, it is up to her and her three friends to solve the mystery behind their sudden disappearance.


The main cast of characters are a group of students from Tendo Senior High School:

  • Kaori Hasegawa (18 years old) - The main protagonist and member of the student council.
  • Shiho Hasegawa (17 years old) - Kaori's younger sister.
  • Masayuki Hayashi (17 years old) - Shiho's classmate and member of the student council.
  • Hideki Tachibana (18 years old) - Kaori's classmate and president of the student council.
  • Yuuya Kumada (17 years old) - Close friend of Kyosuke and Masayuki.
  • Kyosuke Himonya (17 years old) - The accountant of the student council and Hideki's assistant.

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