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The fun sleepover awaits.

—Byakudan Girls Sleepover

Byakudan Girls Sleepover
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Corpse Party




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2,383 words.

Corpse Party Future is a cancelled fanfiction written by MochiTsundereGirl. It focuses on the three Byakudan girls and a sleepover they will have.


The plot focuses around Mitsuki, Emi and Tohko on a friday evening as they all go to Emi to have an amazing sleepover.


The list of characters includes:

  • Mitsuki Yamamoto (19 years old) - One of the three protagonists, the girl was known as "Hellgirl Mitsuki" by the boys in her school.
  • Emi Urabe (19 years old) - One of the three protagonists, was the quietest of the three, and always said things that people wanted to hear.
  • Tohko Kirisaki (19 years old) - One of the three protagonists, was known to be an ordinary girl who had fallen in love with Yuuya Kizami.
  • Hana Urabe (15 years old) - Emi's younger sister, An absolute hell in her sisters eyes.


NOTE: All chapters are posted on the page here, alternatively you can use one of these links for specific chapters on deviantart.


  • While the account that the author used is deleted, the fan-fiction can still be found through a Google search.

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