—Blooklyn Maddox, Corpse Party: Foreigner

Brooklyn Maddox
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17 years old




157 cm / 5'2


46.2 kg / 102 lbs


Gossamer High School


High school student
Minor musician


11th grade



Brooklyn Maddox is an original character created by Aion Rankin. She is a 11th grade student in Gossamer High School, the sole survivor and protagonist of Chapter 4 in Corpse Party: Foreigner.


Brooklyn is a 17-year-old girl with medium length brown hair that is held in tight ringlets. She has blue eyes and a beauty mark near her left eye. She is somewhat shorter compared to the other girls, but she is an average height overall. Usually, she is seen wearing floral dresses and skirts, making her appear very fragile and feminine.


Brooklyn is very smart, however her intelligence only extends to school. When she is transported to the school, she appears to be absolutely clueless, and Aspen confronts her about her actual intellectual abilities, and she reveals that she only has book knowledge and absolutely no idea what to do in a situation like the one they were currently faced with. This poses as a problem for she and Aspen, because Brooklyn has a tendency to take charge in most social gatherings, and she attempts to take charge of the party, but ends up making a fool of herself and leading Aspen all over the school multiple times. Brooklyn means well most of the time, but she is not always sure how to handle herself, therefore she throws fits, whines, and cries when things don't go the way she wants them to.

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