An abandoned school investigation horror adventure.

—Blood School, Game description

Blood School
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Studio Luminous


Ukyō Kōnokiya


Juno Aoki


RPG Maker VX



Release Date(s)

June 6, 2013


Abandoned School Investigation Adventure

Blood School (ブラッドスクール Buraddo Sukūru?) is an RPG Maker VX game influenced by the story of Corpse Party. The game was made by Studio Luminous and was released on June 6, 2013.


At the start of their summer vacation, Kyoko Hirose and her friends plan a test of courage to explore an old school that had been shut down after a number of incidents involving murder and student disappearances. While it was just meant to be a fun outing for the group, after they get split apart following an attack from a spirit, it seems there's a much darker reason to their test of courage that they had anticipated.


  • Kyoko Hirose (16 years old) - The protagonist. A ladylike, polite young girl.
  • Kyoya Ichinotani (17 years old) - A calm, thoughtful boy who isn't very good at decision making.
  • Kei Mizutani (17 years old) - A bright, cheerful boy who does his best for his friends.
  • Kaito Azuma (17 years old) - Even though he's poor at expressing himself, he's like a caring older brother underneath.
  • Shun Morita (17 years old) - A sharp tongued young man who is quite smart.
  • Tatsuya Hirose (10 years old) - Kyoko's shy younger brother who loves scary stories, but is actually quite a wuss.
  • Kaede Mikami (16 years old) - A laid-back girl who often daydreams, but can be firm when she needs to be.
  • Momoko Shinoda (17 years old) - A refined, calm girl whose been friends with Kyoko and Kyoya since childhood.


  • Blood School uses a few remixed tracks from the original CORPSE-PARTY.
  • The game uses music from TAM, Rengoku Teien, Senses Circuit and Infinite Space.

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