Author's Notes

This one follows Ayumi Shinozaki and Yoshiki Kishinuma as they try to survive the school it will also involve Mayu Suzumoto, Sakutaro Morishige, Yui Shishido, Nana Ogasawara, and others as they make themselves known to the story.

Possession Is Where The Heart Is

'oh god why! wht did he read the last note?!' *pant* *pant* *weez* "Ayumi where are you, come back hear! im so hungry!" 'No! NoNonononononono! i cant let Him catch Me Yoshiki is goiing to EAT ME!'

Ayumi ran down the corridor towards the science lab and tried to open the door but it wouldent budge, tears began to roll down Her face as She bagan to hyperventerlate 'Nooo this cant be happening I dont want to be..*gulp*..eaten' "Shinozaki! stop running!" She turned around only to witness Yoshiki's shadow appear around the corner "AHHHHHHHHH!" Ayumi screemd in terror and ran down the corridor to find somewhere to hide.

Ayumi was begining to give up Her heart was pounding in Her chest and Her lungs where burning, it was hear to breath. With tears in Her eyes Ayumi decided that she should just face Her fate and whate for the inevitable, but from the corner of Her eye she witnessed a figure run by 'what was that?' "Foowwlllooooooo Mmmmmeeeeeeee" Ayumi was shocked but she had no other choice apart from let Yoshiki eat Her so she followed the figure.

Ayumi followed the figure into a dark classroom, and there in the corner was a boy He had knives and other sharp tools protruding from his back, He was crouched in the corner and Ayumi waked towards Him "are you ok? that looks like it hurts alot, do you nead help?" She wated for a few seconds before continueing "are you the one who told me to follow you, i-if so then thank you for helping me, that looks realy bad let me help you in return", the boy turned as the lighting flashed, His face was a mess the left side burnt abay giveing a psychotic but somewhat playfull apperance that both terrifed and intriged Her the right eye had been slashed and was useless now, there was a dent in the back of His head as well most likeing the killing blow to His suffering, Ayumi noticed His wind pipe was torn from His throught and blood pooled from His mouth.

"KYAHHH! I-im sorry i shouldent of screemed, i didnt m-meen t-t-to of-fend you in an-any way" the boy rose from his kneeling position and began to make a gurgaling knose that sounded like laughing, Ayumi began to back away as tears built in Her eyes and she began to wimper 'how could i be so stupid now im going to die anyway!' "P-pleas, i-im sorry. i-i-im SORRY JUST DONT HURT ME! PLEASE! i-i'll leave and i-i-i wont c-come back *wimper*", She then heard the door lock and turned in panick knowing She was noe locked in this room with the ghost!

Yoshiki had finaly gotten a hold of Himself and was trying to find Shinozaki, He dosent remember what happend only that..Shinozaki was....running from Him? in fear?!? He had to find Her, He came to classroom 1-A and could hear Ayumi wimpering in fear, panicked by this He began to barge the door but it wouldent budge! "Shinozaki dont worry ill save you Shinozaki, please talk to me!"

Ayumi heard Yoshiki outside the door, He sounded normal agane and worried "T-thats my friend o-outside and i-i-i would like to le-leave p-p-please?" The boy walked up to Ayumi and watched as she coward from Him as if He woud kill Her is a horryfing way 'silly mortas think every horrid looking thing wants to kill them hehe' The boy stroked Ayumi's head makeing Her flinch and wimper from the contact 'well the effects of the note are over but i should watch them closly, She has a strong spiritueal connection with this world' the door clicked open and Yoshiki burst in falling on his side "Shinozaki! Shinozaki are you ok?!?" Ayumi was shocked and opend Her eys to find Yoshiki in the room on the floor and the ghost gone, She ran over to make sure He was ok "Are you ok!" Yoshiki looked Her in the eyes and nodded with a small smile.

They both got up to leave but there was something written on the chalk bourd that wasent there before it seid "YOU'R WELCOME

A Game Of Catch

Yoshiki was walking through the halls of Heavenly Host along side Ayumi still searching for there friends when He noticed two spirit children walk into the infermary, "Hay Shinozaki did you see that?" Ayumi turned to Yoshiki without turning Her eyes from the door "yeah i saw it, should we check in out?", "I think we should just in cass" Yoshiki replied but deep down He was nervouse, not only because they where following 2 child spirits love killing innocents for amusment but because He felt watched.

not far from there where the two students stood, sitting in the pitch black corner was a boy with a mangeld face,Hw remembered the two 'Hmmmmm now they are willingly walking into danger, this might be amuseing to watch....ill step in if things go south' thought the voicless specter as He followed them into the room.

Ayumi was petrified when She saw Mayu TALKING to the to ghosts "Suzumoto! Get away from them! there dangerous!",Mayu looked up and smiled sadly at Her freinds "No its ok, there not bad kids they just had bad things happen to them, hear read this" "You can be serious!?!" Yoshiki asked in confusion. Ayumi looked at the artical on the floor and after reading about the greusome murder of the children realised that Mayu is right but that dosent change the fact that she was in danger. Yoshiki was at the edge of His patence with this school and wasent gonna let Mayu throw Her live away "Suzumoto! Get away now! please just come over hear its not safe, PLEASE LISTEN!".

The Children exchanged evil grins before lifting Mayu of the ground in an unconcess state. Ayumi couldent beleive it they had to get out and find a way to save Suzumoto! but how!

a few minutes later......

Yoshiki and Ayumi managed to retreive and fix the Killers doll and where now in the process of trying to appease the children, but something when terribly wrong and before they could react they ran from the room Mayu in tow.

"NO! NOOOOooooooooooooo! Efm.." Yoshiki was shocked "Suzumoto!" He and Ayumi ran from the room only to find the two ghost girls stareing in shock down the corridor, as Ayumi looked in the direction they stared she saw the boy ghost from the classroom, the one that saved Her from Yoshiki when He whent crazy, He was holding the qwivering and huddled form of Suzumoto in His armes close to His chest looking at the Chidren with pure malice and rage "RUUUUUNN RRRAABBIT RRRRRUUUN, THHHEEEEE HUUUNTRRR CUUOOMSS" it growled threw its raveged through, the two girls looked at each outher in worry and began to walk at a high speed in the opposite direction "HEHEHEHHEHHEHHEHHEHEHEEEHHE" Ayumi turned to the laughing figure that gently place Suzumoto on the grownd before becomeing  some demonic, shadowy looked like something from the pits of Hell itself! then just like that it shot down the corridor after the children and out of sight.

Ayumi ran over to Mayu "Suzumoto are you ok!" she asked worried for the health of Her freind "Y-yeah i think so, one second i was being thrown at the wall, i thought i was gonna die! but then I...I stoped and all of a sudden i felt safe and i didnt want to open my eyes in cass i was actuely dead or just dreaming but im ok.....IM OK!" she replied hugging Ayumi as tears of releife poured from Her eyes soon, Ayumi couldent help but jone Her crying, what ever that thing is it saved Her and Suzumoto, 'Thank you, Thank you so much'.

Yoshiki watched the scene before Him and couldent help the small smile that formed on His face, maby there not alone in this place after all?

Hold On Little One

Nana was terrified, she whent off to find a toilet when that man with the hammer showed up and amputated her legs! she tried to crawl to Suzumoto but He grabed her by the head and draged her away, now she was lying on a table petrified with fear, she was going to DIE! oh God why?

She heard the man returne and he held a pair of pliers in his hands and lowerd them towards her mouth, He was going to take her TONGUE! Nana tried to fight but it was futile and she watched her soon to be murderer with pure fear in her heart. She closed her eyes and awated death but was greeted with a gutteral growl and a suprised welp from her assaliant, her eyes snaped open to wittness a ghost jump onto the mans back and pull him off, the ghost had many sharp tools stuck in his back, a large crater in the back of his skull and his face was horribly destroyed, the boy slamed the man into the table and began to growl "PPPRRRRYYYYY TTTIIIIMMMEE BBIIIIIIICCHH" then he lifted the man of his feet and threw him into the wall, then lifted him agane slaming the man into the ground once, twice, three times before he thrw him out the door not bothering to open it.

Nana was scared more by this ghost then the man with the hammer, if he could do that to that man then what can he do to her? from above the ghost looked down at her with a twisted, psychotic smile, he was upside down from Nana angel and she could see he was missing his vocal chords and tongue, the ghost began to walk away when Nana panicked 'He cant leave me hear! I'll die or the man wil come back or WORSE!' "WAIT! PLEASE WAIT! dont leave me please" the ghost turned back and reached out grabing Nana's right arme and lifting her up, holding her close to his chest, Nana wimperd in fear at what he was doing until she hearf him speek "HOOOODD OOOOOOONN" so she held on tight rapping her armes around his neck and not letting go as he began to travel through the decatent halls.

Nana woke up in one of the corridors alone, she was scared where was the ghost? did it abandon her? she began to panick until she saw 5 familiar people walk round the corner it was her freinds Nari and chihaya, they were with those other students Yoshiki, Ayumi and Mayu she was so happy "hay! HAY im hear! im over hear!" they all turned with shocked faces that turned to releif that they found there freind "Nana!" Nari cried as she ran to her freind and looked at her state "YOUR LEGS! what happend are you ok!?" Nana looked down at her stumped legs. the bleeding has been stopped thanks to the bandages that whernt there before  she passed out, did the ghost do this? Yoshiki walked over and helped Nana onto his back useing a nearby rope to tiy her into place "there hoes that?" he asked her "umm better thank you".

Ayumi was shocked by the sight ABOVE Nana, on the wall "you guys might want to see this" she seid pointing at the wall, they all turned to see what she was pointing at, and on the wall, written in blood was 'LOOK AFTER HER, DONT LEAVE HER ALONE, IM WATCHING'.

Teacher's Pet


Mis.Yui was in agonising pain, she had finaly convinced that angry spirit to let her go, her arme was broken and bleeding badly, and to make things worse she couldent find Shinozaki or Kishinuma anywhere 'Oh God please let them be all right' she thought to herself as she walked down the halls of Heavenly Host.

As Mis.Yui turned a corner she fell back in fear as a red spirit rose from a nearby corpse, she quickly dragged herself back round the corner praying this vengful soul did not see her, after a few seconds that felt like hours she mustered up her courage and poked her head around the corner only to scream in shock as the spirit was waiting now inches from her own face "You shouldent hide from me, its not polite" he aggresive voice sounded like that of an older male, perhaps a teacher? "please im just trying to find my students" Mis.Yui replyed trying to keap the fear out of her voice but with little success.

The spirit began to laugh darkly at her reply "student are not worth it, they are nosy, lazy neuscensess that should all be killed in horrid ways HAHAHAHAHHAHAHWHHHAHHA!" Mis.Yui was filled with anger at what this spirit seid "MY STUDENTS ARE GOOD KIDS AND YOU WILL NOT STOP ME!" she rose to her feet useing the wall sor assistance and whent to walk around the teacher, but then the spirit began laughing manicly before entering his rotting corpse, after a few seconds the corpse began to rise, eyes glowing with malevinant energy and grabbing Mis.Yui and pinning her to the wall "WELL NOW LETS NOT BE HASTY, ITS BEEN SO LONG SINCE IVE SEEN SUCH A BEAUTY, STAY WONT YOU? IT'LL BE FUN" the spirit twisted Mis.Yui's brocken arme slightly makeing her yelp in pain and forceing her to turne towards the wall, "S-STOP THIS! LET GO!" the corpse teacher only laughed and began to pull up Mis.Yui's skirt, thats when her mind whent into overdrive, she couldent let this happen, this couldent happen! she bagan fighting against the teacher but it was no use, for a partially rotten corpse he was strong.

The teacher began to harshy grope Mis.Yui and reached down, in her fear Mis.Yui began to cry, tears streeming down her face. But the teacher then let go, she turned around quickly and furiosly whiped her eyes of tears in time to witness the corpse drop lifelessly on the ground and standing over it was a ghost holding the spirit by the throught, the boy had a horribly ruind face and a hole where his heart shoud be, his vocal cords where torne out and blood pooled from his mouth, he looked at the teacher spirit sqweerming in his hand with disdain before opening his mouth a DEVOUERING him! the last thing the spirit could say was "NOT YOU!" before the boy ended his existance.

Mis.Yui did not now how to react, this spirit that looked so monsterous just saved her from a very bad, very disgusting situation, she geussed she should at least thank her savior "T-Thank you, that-that could have been worse if you did'nt show up when you did" she gave a warm smie which receive an insanly large grin from her rescuer "You havent seen any student around hear have you? I'm looking for mine and I can't find them" The boy gave a thoughtfull expression before snapping his finger with a large smile, his remaining eye widdening if possible, "could you take me to them!" Mis.Yui couldent keep the excitment and releif from her voice, but this all died when he replied with a solem shake of the head.

The boy began to right on the wall useing his nais to scratch in the words 'NO I CANNOT BUT I CAN LEAD THEM TO YOU" Mis.Yui was happy to hear this news "You can thats great news, umm I will stay hear in this class room and wait for you to returne" She seid with a smile 'I WILL CHECK ON YOU SOON AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVENT JOINED ME' Mis.Yui was confussed at first but before she could ask the boy was gone, but she soon realised that he meant he didnt want to find her dead. She quickly whent back into the class room to wait for her new alliy to returne. 

Smiling Like A Killer

Yoshiki was walking next to Ayumi with the girl, Nana, tighed to His back followed by her two freinds and Mayu on his left, He was so cofused, how has all this happend? he had no idea but now they had 3 companions, one was curently tighd to his back thanks to the absence her legs, Yoshiki couldent help but feel sorry for the poor girl.

Ayumi was deep in thought about the mysterious ghost from before, the more she thought about him the more questions she had, who was he? what dose he want? where was he from? what is his anle? and some many more things that it was driveing her crazy, she looked over at Yoshiki, then at the girl on his back 'poor girl, thats terrible what happend to her' "Hay Kishinuma can we rest for a bit my legs are killing me?" "um....sure ye, you girls want to rest?" "Yep" Sure" "Yes Please".

After finding a safe place to rest Yoshiki placed Nana on the ground and sat down next to Ayumi and Mayu "So we seached this place top to bottem and no sign of the others, i dont know what to do next..." he admitted in slight feustration, Mayu looked down into her lap "I miss Shig-nii" "It's ok Mayu we're find him and the rest of the group too ok, we're gonna get out of hear" Yoshiki told her with a small smile.

Ayumi was stiled trying to figure out what is going on with that boy when her mind whent blank, a large insane smile crossed her face "I love you no one will harme you" she seid gaining a confused look from the others.

Yoshiki looked at Ayumi in confusion, what did she say? he was about to ask when she spoke "NO! NO NOT GOING TO HAPPEN I'LL SAVE YOU DONT LEAVE ME!" "S-shinozaki? are you ok?" Yoshiki asked with concerne "You can have me i wont fight" Mayu was scared what was Shinozaki saying "Shino..zaki are you ok?" all of a sudden Ayumi jumped up on her feet and ran from the room. Yoshik ran afer her leaving the 4 girls alone.

Nari helped Nana onto her back and tied her in place before grabbing Chihaya's and Mayu's hands and running after them, they cought up with them in the libary where Ayumi was rammbeling to herself and Yoshiki was trying to talk to her.

"Shinozaki snap out of this this is'nt you" "I know it hurts, I know it hurts but they wont get you, I wont let them" Mayu steped forward "Sh-SHinozaki are you ok, come back to us.......please" Ayumi began to convulse and screeme, Yoshiki was in full panick "SHINOZAKI!" then just like that she was grinning again "Lovely body warm body-My body-No my body-Shut up, shut up, shut!- DONT TOUCH ME!-Cold so cold" Yoshiki has had enouth of this "Get out of Shinozaki you bastards!", Ayumi stoped and looked at Yoshiki "But we don't feel pain when in her, we can help you, help you leave just let us keap her please" Yoshiki slamed his fist on the table "YOU CAN'T KEAP HER SHES A HUMAN BEING, A LIVEING PERSON YOU CAN'T JUST KEAPE HER NOW GIVE HER BAK!", Ayumi's face turned menacing "You don't have a choice she's owers" she grabed Yoshik and threw him down onto the floor and bit into his neck "AHHHHH!".

Mayu was shocked by Kishinuma's outburst but even more when Ayumi BIT him "Kishinuma!" she moved forward to help but stoped when he put his hand up "No wait! shinozaki this is'nt you snap out of it" he then hugged her as she chewd on his neck.

Ayumi slowly reganed concesness and realised that Kishinuma was hugging her and she was chewing on his neck! "Oh God! I-Im so sorry Kishinuma w-why was I....I....Was I biteing you!?! Oh God I'm so sorry!" She apologised to her freind. Kishinuma was pleased to hear Ayumi "Its ok Shinozaki, its ok, do you remember anything" he asked.

Ayumi thought about it "N-No except before i blacked out i felt anguish and sorrow....anger like a deep rage and i also felt.....LOVE!?!", everyone looked confused as a strange shadow retreated from the room.

Piano Lessions

Yoshik was watching Ayumi closely, hopeing she dosent have another episode like in the Libary, Nana was trighd to His back, and the Mayu and Nana's two freinds where silant for the time, Yoshik looked to Ayumi "Shinozaki.....earlier you seid that there was one mind before you began talking randomly, then there where more, who was the one that started it?" Ayumi was jogged out of he thoughts, looking over at Yoshiki "I Have no idea but her was strong, when he left the others took the chance" her reply gained a worried look from Yoshik.

They continued in silance, until Yoshiki stoped "Can you guys hear that? sounds like music" Ayumi stopped next to Yoshiki "Kishinuma's right i can hear music playing" the others all payed attention and sure enouth music was drifting through the halls, a light melodic rytham, Mayu looked entranced "It sounds beautiful..." she and Nana's freinds walked after it leaving a confused Yoshiki, Ayumi and Nana "Hay wait up girls!" yelled Yoshiki as he and Ayumi walked after them.

as they got closer to the source the music became darker and much more depressing "I dont like this" came Nana's worried voice behid Yoshiki "It'll be ok, lets get the others and go" they came to the music room and steped in, in the far right corner was the ghost boy playing the piano, the knives in his back glinting in the dark light of the room, he looked highly engrossed in the song playing fluently and ending with high dramantic vigor.

Mayu and the others bagan to applaud promting him to perk up at the sound, he was cought off gard and jumped on to the bench, turneing and dramaticly bowing to them and blowing kisses like an actuel peformer. The lights dimed and the piano began to play a slow dance on its on, the desks all move to the edge of the room and a spot light appeard above him, he held his hand out to Mayu who hesitently took it, she was then puled against him and braught into a slow dance.

Yoshik was more then confused as Mayu and the ghost began slow danceing in the center of the room? what was going on? he watched as the ghodt spun Mayu gracefuly then leand forward holding her back just as the song ended, he then pulled Mayu back up onto her feat and kissed her hand, gaining a giggle in returne before dissapearing.

"Suzumoto?" everyone turned to the voice at the door and was shocked to find Morishige standing at the door with an extatic look on his face "Shig-nii? SHIG-NII!" Mayu run to Morishige hugging him tightly, he looked down and embraced Mayu "I found you, I finaly found you".

Run Rabbit Run

Yoshiki was stuned to have found Morishige, who was currently hugging a crying Suzumoto "Morishige it's good to find see alive, you havent by chance seen the others have you?" he asked, Morishige looked up at the question "I did find The Mochida siblings, we split up to cover more ground but later i found Yuka alone but she ran from me, I have no idea why though, Oh! that reminds me Yamamoto inhear!" at his call a girl from another school walked in "Hello, my name is Mitsuki Yamamoto,  secretary of Byakudan's student council, nice to meet you all".

Mayu looked over at the new girl, she wouldent admit she was jealous of this girl for being lost in hear with her shig-Nii, "Oh helo my name is Mayu Suzumoto, thats Yoshiki Kishinuma, the girl on his back is Nana Ogasawara, her freinds Nari Amatoya and chihaya Yamase, and ower class rep Ayumi Shinozaki" each person gave a small greeting as they where mentioned to the new girl before them.

Ayumi steped forward "Well Yamamoto how did you and Morishige meet?" Mitsuki looked down for a second before answering "well i was looking for my freinds when i ran into Morishige the first time but i decided to go of on my own, that is unti Kizinuma, a boy from my school turned out to be completly crazy and tried to kill me, i would have died if Morishige didn't show up, Kizinum seemed to have some sort of intrest in you, why is that?" she asked turneing to her companion, Morishige remade calm and collected on the outside but he was panicked inside "I have no idea, as you seid the guy is insane" "You'r right, well i think it would be best if we keep moveing, nothing in hear right" the others all nodding in agreement before leaveing th room.

CRASH!! everyone looked down th hall at the sound of a large crash further down and mainic laughter "What was that?" Mayu asked holding onto Morishige, Yoshiki looked back "I have an idea, if that laugh ment anything" Ayumi looked at him with concerne "Should we go, or just leave?" Yoshiki opend his mouth but before he could reply the little ghost boy ran past him, everyone looked shocked as the child ghost hid behind Mayu in fear, looking to where he came from Yoshiki noticed the ghost from before he looked insanly happy, laughing like a maniac as he ran at the small boy with a pair of scissors "Noo, Noo Pees Noo" Yoshiki turend to the boy as he ran towards the stairs but was cut of when the ghost stood in front of him, looking down with a bone chilling grin "GOOTT YYUU HUAUSUBSUBAUUU!" the little boy ghost move just before the scissors where slamed into the ground where he stood, but the older ghost was fast he kept stabbing at the terrified boy, breaking cabenets, stabbing the floor and walls in a manic frenzy.

The little boy fell onto his knees and looked up at the older ghost, who stared him dead in the eyes, "Pees, Peese sowy, sowy, I sowy peese" the little boy begged as the older ghost only grined "RRUUNN RRAAABII" he growled before stabbing the scissors into the boys abnomen makeing the little boy screem in pain, he did it agane and agane stabbing him over and over as the boy continued to screem before fadeing.

Everyone looked at the scene in shock as the boy ghost that only seconds ago was danceing with Mayu just brutily tortured one of the ghost children, He turned to them before dissapearing, leaving the scissors to fall to the ground with a clatter. 

I'm Gonna Kill You

Koga Fukui was walking through the halls of the second wing 2nd floor when he saw the group of survivors, he was pleased to see fresh victimes the last boy he found the one with brocken leg was boreing, he died too quickly and cried too much......well this could be interesting there was a cute girl holding on tightly to the arme of this boy with glasses who just looked bored hehe he would change that, then there where 3 girls in the same uniforme but one was tighed to the back of tough looking blond boy, looked like a delinquent hehe great, and a small girl with pony tails hmmm the things he could do with her, the smaller the frame the easier to move'em she looks like a screemer too, he grined at his thoughts, watching them walk his way.

Yoshik stoped and looked at ahead when he felt eyes watching only to meet the gaze of a red spirit with spiked hair and an evil grine, his intestines where visible from the many holes in his stumach and he was missing 2 fingers on his right hand, his shoulder looked dislocated and his left eye was missing. the boy disapeard before appearing in front of him inches rom his face, Yoshiki trighd to move but was paralyzed, as he looked around he saw every one stuck, the spirit snickerd as it sized him up.

Koga was pleased but he wanted to find what makes them tick before he has his fun, the two boys will die last, the girls first, the one on his back is missing her legs, makes more sense now hehe, he noticed the girl with the pony tails and walked up to her "Hay there look like fun, bet i can make you screem" from the look of pure terror he received he just chuckled "LEAVE SHINOZAKI ALONE!" hmm that was the delinquent, interesting.....she don't look his type but maby he's into loly girls " her night in shineing armor? or just an attack dog Fufufu.....i kno you'r type the deliquent turned goody by the girl who paid a tiny peice of attention to him....tell me if i'm wrong" "I swear if you lay a finger on her i'll-" "Your what? kill me? too late mate some one beat you to it a lonng time ago...bastard tore me up and then left me to die alone, but.....can't balme the crazy fuck, he always had a soft spot for bitchs and i geuss i took a step to far by haveing that one on all fours hehe..." that answer coused both Ayumi and Yoshiki's faces pail,  Ayumi was near tears "Hahhe man but the way she screamed was music to my ears....havent stoped since, always looking for the next toy after i....break the old one HAHAHAHA!".

Ayumi was terrified! no one coud move and the things this ghost was saying was makeing wish it would just ki her now! she didn't want to be his....'toy', she wanted to go home away from this perverted spirit "P-please d-d-dont, j-just let u-us go! Please *Wimper*..." Koga turned to her and stood over her crying forme "Now whered be the fun in that huh? Hahahahahahaha!" soon they all passed out and Koga began formulating a plane 'can't let Shadou ruin my fun, bastard'.

Scream For Me

*WARNING*WARNING-This chaper holds graphic sexual scenes and the subject of torture and rape you have been warned-WARNEING*WARNEING*

Ayumi woke up with a loud thumping in her head, as her eyes adjusted to the low lighting she found herself in a class room, she trighd to move but her arems and leg where tide up, her body held in suspenstion thanks to what appeard to be some kind of nexus of ropes, She began to panic when the memoreys came crashing back and tears built in her eyes as she thrashed around but the ropes where to tight and they where rubbing her wrists and ankles raw "K-kishi-numa! S-Suzum! Someone *Wimper*sob*" she broke down in tears, she was going to die, that ghost was going to hurt her.

Yoshiki's eyes opend and he found hemself tide to a chair, and he couldent move, on his right was Morishige, in the same possition, and on his left was Nari and Chihaya. when he looked up he saw Nana haning by ropes rapped around her armes, squerimin to free herself and Mayu was tide down on all fours in font of Morishige and Mitsuki was in a similar position in front of himeself, as he heard crying he looked up at a nexus of ropes to find Ayumi hanging n the center "Shinozaki! hay Shinozaki are you ok?" he wisper yeld.

Ayumi looked up at her name and was filled with releif, she wasent alone, Kishinuma was hear! "Kishinuma! h-help me please" but just looking at the situation she new this was going to end horribly "I'm sorry Shinozaki but i can't move..." Koga walked from the darkness then with a grin "Ohh looks like three people are awake......lets wake the others shall we" he then threw ice cold whater on the others makeing them all wake with a start.

Koga walked around the room, "Now you will all be apart of my game heheha.....lets see, rules are do what i tell you and i wont kill ya, dont do what i say and i'll make the person you care about WISH that all i was gonna do is make'em scream. i'll make them WANT to die hahahehaha!" He then moved behind Ayumi and raised her skirt up her thigh before giveing it a hard smack on the bare skine makeing her yelp and wimper from shock and pain.

Yoshiki was pissed by his actions "DONT YOU DARE TOUCH HER!" but the out burst only fueled the fire as Koga then moved round and grabed Ayumimi's chin before forceing her to kiss him, he shoved his tongue into her mouth, enjoying the little sounds of protest and her squeerming 'yeah she will be a fun one', he the pulled away after a long time, knowing the girl still had to breath, he could go on forever haha.

As he pulled away Ayumi gasped for air, gulping down large amounts into her lungs, she was so happy to breath her lungs where burneing and the ghost wasent even doing she was realy scared.

Yoshi thought against his restrainsts in frustration as the ghost forced Ayumi to kiss him, when the bastard pulled away Yoshiki glared at him "You Bastard I'll make you pay you hear me!" Koga looked at the boy "Oh please, i heard it all before, i'll make you pay, don't touch her, i'll kill you but you see this is MY playground and what i say goes......and right now you'r my bitch".

Koga walked over to Mayu and pulled her hair makeing her look him in the face, she wimperd at the ruth action makeing Morishige stuggle in His restraints, "Now you want to get out of hear raight?" Mayu nodded "Then it's easy, show me what a little whor you can be and I might let ya go" Koga smiled cruely as Mayu's face pailed and eyes wide from the comment "I.....I dont.." "Hay i'll be nice and let ya use your four eyed boybreind hear how about?" Mayu was torne, should she? she decided that it would be worse if she didn't so she nodded in agreement "EXCELLENT! so get started".

Mayu reach down and undid Morishige's trousers before reaching in, she stared a little shocked, who'd a thought? She lowerd her head but was unsure of her actions, she was stalling and luckily for Her the spirit got bored and walked away.

Koga was bored of this girl, she had no idea what she was doing. He then walked up to this Shig-nii fellow, he heard her wispering when they passed out, and lent down by his ear "Hmmm you convince her by the time I get back or I pop you're little girl friend, got it?" with that he walked over to Nari and Chihaya " two are pretty about you make out hahe" Nari was pretty pissed of with this guy "Piss off you pervert!" Her retort got her a slap from Koga "Litsen you'r freind up there, the one missing her legs, looks to be in what I say or I make it worse" he threatened and to make a point he pulled a rope that pulled on Nana's arms making her cry.

Nari looked to Chihaya and they both noded in agreement, Nari moved forward and began kissing Chihaya, it was weird and she hated every second but this was to help Nana "Come on you can do better then that" Koga sneard from the side, Nari then added her tongue which just made it worse.

Koga was pleased with himself now for the best part, he walked up to Ayumi and pulled a rope to reajust her posstion, now she was hunched over, ass in the air, eyes looking directly at the blond boy. Koga looked at this Kishinuma and positiond himsefl behind Ayumi, raising her skirt, "Now you, girl, why don't you show you're friend over there how to do it..... or I start my fun" He seid to Mitsuki, who just glared at him "You are a pervert, a sick, waist of are not worth my time" Mitsuki was hopeing to anger him to try and delay the action but noticed him unzip his jeens, she realised with horror what would happen to Shinozaki if she didn't do what she was told!

Mitsuki turned to Yoshiki and began to pull doen his zipper when they heard someone clear there throught, she turned to the door to find the ghost boy with the destroyed face leaning on the door frame "Koga, Koga, Koga....a little birdie told me you where still up to you'r old tricks, and after i cut you up i thought you'd learned.....geuss not". standing next to him was a ghost girl, with a bruse around her nech and her skirt and blowse was torne, behind them was Yuka.

Koga was scared, beyond scared "Hay Shadou, uh see you got you'r tongue back good for you....uhm this is'nt what it looks like-" Shadou slamed his fist into the door "CUT THE CRAP! I'm done listening" and with that he transformed into the demonic beast he was well known as, bursting towards Koga and lifting him of the ground "P-please no! I won't do it agane I-I'm sorry please!" Shadou laughed before opening his mouth and devouring the cruel spirit "NOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo".

"Well then, Yuka give us a hand with all this will ya, and thanks agane Ito" the ghost girl, Ito, smiled and walked off with a skip in her step "~ding Dong Koga's Gone, no perverted beast, Shadou is the king, the gentilist i've seen ~ Be he crazy, that is true, wouldn't change him at all~" she sung down the hall. Yuka coverd her eyes "Uhm...I'll help when everyone is decent and not in gross positions" she seid not moveing from her spot.

School Bully

After everyone was freed from the bonds, Tamotsu lead the group out of the room into the halls of the school, no one could look at each other "Come on people, it could of been worse BUT it wasent so lets all just move on and forget about it" Tamotsu sugested to the traumatised students, not a single person looked up "LET ME OUT YOU F-" the shouts stoped when Tamotsu punched himself in the stumach "Wow Koga you wont quit will ya" Tamotsu asked as he looked down at his stumach "Hmmmm.....i'll tell ya what i will let you out if you promise to behave" he seid with a cocky grin. Hearing Tamotsu say that made every one react, Mayu grabed Morishige and cried as the latter held her, Nana and the her freinds pailed with wide eyes, Ayumi ran to Yoshiki and raped her armes around him and burying her face in his chest wimpering, Mitsuki's face whent red and Yoshiki scowld at the ghost "Are you insane! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!" he shouted at the insane and foolish spirit.

Tamotsu was glad to finaly get a reaction from the group "Look I'm hear now, i'll keep the shit on a tight leesh" and with that he opened his mouth and released Koga from his prison ""Agh.....that was disgusting! you sick bastard!" He shouted at Tamotsu, who looked amused "You're one to talk I saw the body of that desperate, sad little freak fufufu..." this got a growl from Koga "What if you don't mind I'm off-" "No you don't, you are on a leash my friend and you will do WHATEVER I tell it" Tamotsu told him with a sick grin, Yoshiki spoke up "Why is it that i feel sick and you're not even looking in my direction?" which got a sick chuckle fro Tamotsu "Because my dear Yoshiki.....Koga is my bitch and I don't have the sanity to know when I take things too far hehe...ANYWHO!" the sudden yell made everyone jump, "It is time i spoke to an old 'friend' of mine" he then began walking down the halls, towards the girls bathroom.

In the girls bathroom sat Tokiko, the headless little girl, she was playing with a dead body like a puppet when Tamotsu and the others came in "Hello there Tokiko" she looked up at the voice of Tamotsu and dropped the body, backing away from the possible threat, Tamotsu was unpredictable at the best of times, "Lo Hadoo" She gargled from her bloody open maw, giving a tiny unsure wave, "Awww..don't be scared Tokiko, I'm not hear to hurt you-" She visibly relaxed "-Maybe-" that put he back on edge "-Depends on you really" He gave a cruel grin and walked towards her, She walked back until she reached the hole, but before she could act, Tamotsu grabbed her hand and lifted her up to his eye level making her gurgle and splutter in pain "Now....where is the other students? I know for a fact most are still alive so what space are they in?" "aaach uu igh eh uu egh" "No i can't find them myself, Sachiko keeps fluctuating the source, I can't pinpoint where are they" He growled menacingly and raised her higher "ghhh ahh yho, yuukhi, iko, eh" she spluttered quickly.

Tamotsu then gently placed the child spirit back on the ground, she proceeded to hold her arm and back away slightly, "Thank you Tokiko, that wasn't so hard was it" He grinned at the little girl, her only reply was to point at the door behind the group of students, "Yeah sure you can go.....but I might need you later" She then walked out the room at a fast pace, just in case he changed his mind, He turned to the group "Right then hold on to you're stomach contents and pray to you're Gods because its gonna be a bumpy ride" and with that he turned into the demonic beast he is known for and began to concentrate, the School shook madly as the students stumbled and fell.

Yoshiki held onto Ayumi whilst trying not to hurt Nana, who was tighed to his back, Mitsuki held onto Nari and Chihaya whilst Morishige held onto Mayu, Yuka held onto Tamotsu's hand and Koga just stood leaning on the wall like nothing was happening.

When the quack stopped everyone calmed down and stood from there spots, Yoshiki was first to speak "Where are we?" "That's a good questioned" said Morishige, Tamotsu was now back to his regular appearance "Well we are in Ryou's all I gotta do is pinpoint Seiko, Nakashima and Yui Sensai" Ayumi turned to the spirit "Yui Sensais alive!?" she was so happy to hear that " come on people lets move".

Blood Red Sand Man

Tamotsu told the students to rest and so they whent into a class to rest but soon fell asleep, Tamotsu neaded to go somewhere but would not leave the students alone OR in Koga's care.

Ito was walking down the corridor when she felt a familiar and dark presence "But Shadou destroyed him......He can't be*wimper*"  she followed the source of the feeling to find the students sleeping and Tamotsu watching over them with KOGA! "I thought you destroyed him!" she asked in a panicked voice "Why would you let him go? Hes a monster!".

Tamotsu looked to Ito "Because I thought he would make a fun punching bag fufufu.....anyway I have something to do so could you watch them for me?" Ito was tacken back by the answer but decided not to argue with Shadou, his logic is unpredictable, "Ok I will as long as Koga behaves" she looked at Koga with fearful eyes, he just nashed his teath at her makeing the poor spirit jump slightly.

Tamotsu stuck his hand in a corps and began drawing on the ground with the blood, when finished he looked down at the pentagram he drew with a smie before throwing Koga in the center "Whow! HAY!" Koga whent to move but was stuck in the pentagram "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?" Tamotsu shugged and looked to Ito "Now hes no problem just don't step in the pentergram alright" with that he left.

Ito was nervouse sitting in a room with Koga but Tamotsu seid it was safe and she trusted him "Hay so you gonna let me out?" she heard from the corner of the room, she looked at Koga with a incidelous look "Are you seriouse? NO WAY!" "Come on you little bitch let me out now and i wont hurt you how about it?" "I will never trust another thing you say.......Not agane" Koga was getting frutrated "Well then you better pray that you'r little attack dog gets back before i find a way out" he growled at her.

Ito looked over to Yoshiki and Ayumi, they seem so good together and that girl dosent even see it? shame, there was a small tremer in the school and the students stired but soon settled back into sleep.

Koga felt the tremer and smiled at the crack that appeard in the pentergram, he steped out and used blood to fix the craxk so the pentergram worked once more, he then grabed Ito covering her mouth and throwing her into the pentergram.

Ito was confused one second she was watching the students the next she was in the pentergram and Koga was hovering above Shinozaki! she was too shocked and her mind was haveing trouble catching up with the situation!

Koga graved ayumi by the mouth waking her, she tried to screem but was unabe to, he placed a finger over his mouth as a sign to be quiet as she noticed the sharp wood splint by Kishinuma's neck, her eyes whent wide and she began to cry.

Koga was about to have his fun when a forced grabed him and shoved him against the wall, Tamotsu looked at him with a death glare, Ito to his left "Well are realy dumb".

Repressed Memories

Ayumi watched as Tamotsu and Ueda, His teacher in life, spoke about there past life but she couldent shake the feeling that something was missing "Tamotsu! how did you die?" the question made Tamotsu stop in his tracks and turne his head slightly to look at Ayumi "Hmmmm....thats a personal question Shinozaki and one that i would not like to think of" he then began walking agane when Ayumi quickly walked past him and stood in his way "Please, you helped us so much I just want to unerstand what makes you so different from the do you become that thing?".

Tamotsu looked down at the girl before him "Fine then......if I fail you wont remember anyway" and with that he grabed Ayumi by the head and held on tight as she blacked out.

Ayumi opened her eyes and found herself in the 2nd floor corridor of the first wing, she could hear running and turned to see 3 figures run round a corner. there was a girl who looked stickingly similar to Seiko and two boys a tall boy who looked very stong and kind of hansome was helping a smaller boy by letting him lean on his shoulder, his leg looked brocken. The gir spun around and looked at the boys "Tamotsu! Keizo hurry up! there comeing!" the taller boy looked up "Don't worry Honoka, it will be ok, come on Keizo" he then threw the smaller boy onto his back. She couldent beleive it, this was Tamotsu when he was alive? to think that such a face was ruined forever.

As the three ran up the stairs towards the Libary Ayumi heard three familiar children giggle from down the hall, she ran after the three students and watched in shock as the smaller boy, Keizo, hit Tamotsu on the head makeing him drop Keizo who procede to push him and Honoka into the Libary and pull a cabanit down in front of the door, barracading them in. She could hear Tamotsu and Honoka on the other side "Keizo you little bastard i seid I would get us out! OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!" "Yamamoto! please listen to Tamotsu!" but Keizo just smiled and shook his head lightly "I'm slowing you down.....maby I can distract them" he walked away as the protests continued.

Ayumi found herself in a dark room, there was no light, she couldent see a thing until a door opend and light beemed in from the top of a short stair cass, she watched Tamotsu bring an injured Honoka into the room and layed her on a table at the back wall "Its ok'll be ok...I wont let you die i swear I wont let you die they wont get you.......please....please...." he was crying as she smiled up at him "Its ok're hear.....thats.....all....I nead....".

The three children appeard behind them and began giggling, Tamotsu turned to the "Please just et her be.....let her die in peace, you can do what ever you want with me I wont fight, just leave her alone" the children looked at each other and nodded with wicked grines "Thank you" "Tamotsu..." he turned to Honoka as she held his hand "Don't......just go....please...I-I...*cough*" Tamotsu held her hand and stroked her head gently whalst humming a soothing song in her ear, she slowly drifted into death in his armes.

He didn't have long to greive, the children pulled him into the center of the room where Ryou opend a near by cabinet and pulled out knives and other sharp, metalic tools which the children picked up happily, they began to stab them into him ike some sick game, pricking his back like a pin cushion but the more they stabed the more Tamotsu just smiled before bursting into a fit of laughter, enraging the children, Ryou picked up a vile of come kind os corrosive liqued and threw it onto the left side of Tamostu's face burning and scareing it forever, the skin being eaten away but still he laughed, Yuki then picked up the scissor, snipping the slowly in a menacing fashion *snip**snip* she moves them towards his right eye, opening them wide so the blades touch from his eyebrow to the bridge of his knose, Tamosu smild at the sight, the scissors closed in a swift movement forever blinding his right eye.

Ayumi watched the scene no matter how much she tried to close her eyes or look away she couldent. the children then took the scissors and opend Tamostu's mouth and cut out his tongue but still he laughed so they took a scalpel and tore up his throught, destroying his vocal cords but still he laughed as blood gurggled from his mouth and open throught, in there rage the children screamed before dissapearing.

Tamotsu was still laughing when a girl in a red dress walked out of the shadows whith the hammer weilding man in tow "You are a tough one ar'nt you hehehe....YOSHIKAZU!" and with the command the man brought his hammer down on the boys skull, caveing in the back of his head, but the bou lay there laughing still, he struggled to stand, his vision failing and body unable to cooperate with his actions. The girl sat on his stumach with the scissors in hand "Well don't worry i'll kill you now so i can watch you suffer later heheHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEhehehe!" the girl laughed insanly as she began cutting into his chest bracking ribs and slashing vanes, all whalst Tamotsu laughed, he laughed and laughed until his heart was riped from his chest and even then he made strange guggle noises like he was still trying to laugh until it all ended and the room fell silant.

Ayumi was shocked out of the vision and looked at Tamotsu's dead gaze, it was the first time she he looked so lost and....dead, "You wanted to know, well lets go.....oh and Shinozaka" She looked at him unsure of what to say "You shouldent pry into other peoples might not like what you find" and with that he began walking agane and the others all followed but Ayumi was stilled shocked by what she witnessd......

Inside Two Minds

Shadou was in a dark place alone and unsure on what is going on. He was surrounded by a moving darkness that seemed to radiate malice and malevalence, "HAY! HAY WHATS GOING ON HERE!?" He yelled into the never ending blackness, "ANYBODY IN HERE!?" he waited for a long time in silence before getting a reply "Will you shut up Shadou. I dont need you being a pest whilst Ihunt down you're little pets".

Shadou's mind raced as everything came rushing back, the shadow, the possession, His new nead to kill! The darkening got the drop on Him!? That has never happend before. Well first time for everything they say. Shadou looked around franticly "COME OUT AND FACE ME YOU PUSSY SHIT!" He screamed into the abyss that was His current state of mind. "Shasou such language. tut, tut, why can't you say wants on you're mind with out being vulgure hmmm?" The Darkening asked in a condecending tone. Shadou chuckled "THERE ARE WORST THINGS THEN THAT I COULD SAY".

The Darkening rose from the corruption with red, fiary eyes. He looked at Shadou with curiosity "When I kill them you will lose that tongue of you'res and the world will be one dirty mouth les" He then turned from Him "But I am busy right now so if You don't mind I have children to kill and spirits to eat, nice trick by the way".

And with that He left Shadou alone in the dark alone and frustrated. "GGGGRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! YOU BASTARD!". 

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