Author's Notes

These scenarios are based mostly around Yuka Mochida and how she survives the school. However, it will also follow Satoshi Mochida, Tohko Kirisaki, Yuuya Kizami, and others as they pop in and out. 

Yuka meets The Creeping Death

As Yuka walks through the dark corridors of Heavenly Host Elementey School in search of a bathroom so she can relieve herself. She is filled with a sense of dread and paranoia, she can feel eyes on her and she is afraid it might be Yuuya has found her and this frightens her. She was lucky to escape the Infirmary with her life.

As she turns the corner she sees what looks to be a boy around 16-17 years old hunched over in a dark corner crying. Yuka feels it's only right to make sure he's ok, "Ummm...are you ok? Why are you crying? Can I help you?" the figure stops crying and stands. In the low light Yuka can see many sharp blades and objects impailed in his back like a pin cushion. He turns to her and makes a strange gurgaling moan. "I should probably go... Sorry for disturbing you" then a flash of lightning shows the boys face, the left side is burnt like it was drenched in acid, His right eye has a large gash running down from his eyebrow through his eye and across his nose, his throat has a large portion missing where his wind pipe should be and blood is pooling from his mouth. Yuka screamed in fear and began to back away, shivering in fright "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! P-please I'm sorry, d-dont hu-h-hurt m-me" as the boy walked forward he began to growl, Yuka burst into tears and began to run the other way.

After what felt like hours she ran into something and fell down, she was confused and dazed, looking up she saw a familiar large man with a sledgehammer. She sreamed and in her frightened and petrified state released her bladder, the man raised his hammer for a killing blow and Yuka closed her eyes wimpering in fear waiting for the inevitable death to follow....... But it never came. In fact, she instead heard the man scream and shout in surpise and a strange beloowing scream rung through the corridor, Yuka opened her eyes and witnessed a strange demonic creature with black smoke surrounding it, and a fiery core the creature looked alot like the modern believe of death, the creature began to brutishly attack the hammer wielding giant using it's own hammer against it.

The giant man ran through the corridors as the shadowy demon turned to Yuka. She began to crawl backwards and cry "P-please, I d-dont w-w-want die please" the creature began to smile and before she knew it, the thing was gone but in its place was a student ID, the boy on the ID looked familiar, but Yuka couldn't remember where she saw him.

As she walked into one of the classrooms hoping to find someone she new, she dropped the ID. It's image began to change, a scar appeared on its right eye and the left side of its face became burned. Yuka now realised the boy wasn't going to hurt her and insted saved her? Yuka felt tired and the last thing she saw before drifting into sleep was the demonic entity enter the room and crawl towards her.

She had no idea how she woke up in the Custodian's Closet but she didnt care because as she woke she heard two familiar voices outside "Big Brother?".

Dont Fear The Boogey Man

Yuka was starting to worry about the others but now that She was with Nakishima, Shinohara and Her Onii-Chan She felt better then when She was alone thats for sure, but She couldent shake the memorey of that monster and what its connection to the Ghost with the burnt face was?

Satoshi noticed that Yuka was being very quite "Hay you ok Yuka?" Yuka looked up a little startled by the sudden question "Yeah im fine Onii-Chan, i was just thinking" "Thinking about what little Yuka?" asked Seiko, Yuka's face began to turne pink, she didn't know how to answer so She did it the best way She could think of "About the BoogeyMan" She replied, makeing Her cheeks begin to redden from Her answer.

Satoshi was suprised by Yuka's reply, He new that the ghosts where scary but He was possitive there was no such thing as a 'BoogeyMan' even in this place, "The Boogey Man? Yuka there is no such thing as The Boogey Man why would you be worried about that?" He told Her gently, Yuka didnt let the topic go tho "No i saw Him He beat up the Big Man with the hammer and He was HUGE, He had this shadowy body with fiery red parts and wings and He was realy scary but at the same time I dont think He wanted to hurt Me, in fact i think He put Me in the Closet you found Me in", Satoshi was about to speak when He noticed Naomi and Seiko look at each other in shock "What is it?" Seiko replyed "He wont hurt you Yuka, dont be afraid of Him Hes a big softy" Yuka was surprised to hear Seiko say that didnt She hear He BEAT UP THAT GIANT MAN! "BUT HES REALY STRONG AND SCARY!" Naomi was the one to reply "He might be scary but He most definitly saved you Yuka, I know because He saved Seiko" now Yuka was completly confused, it saced Seiko? how can something so scary do that with out its own evil intentions? as they turned the corned Yuka was petrified to the spot, Satoshi was a little worried about the sudden change "what is it Yuka?" She only pointed at the far wall and as Satoshi looked up He was both frightend and intrigued.

written on the wall, scrached in with knails was 'Dont Fear The Boogey Man' with the body of a dead boy slumped next to it, like it was the last thing He wrote before death.

Makeing Him Scream

Kizami was angerd when He lost Yuka dam the Hammer Weilding Foe, if He didnt show up Yuka would still be on the table ready for His knife, oh well the chase is still fun hopefully the school hasent tacken Her yet, Shes been a bad Little Sister, Kizami began laughing quitly to Himself.

After what felt like hours Kizami heard the sound of people talking there was one boy and 3 girls one he knew to be Tohko Kirisaki, His classmate and another who escaped Him but not with out loseing a tooth hehe, he was shacken from his museing by a voice one he has been looking for "Where are we going Onii-Chan?" Yuka, so she found her big brother this was better then he thought, he will kill her brother in front of her and the three girls before ending HIS little sister's little life.

Tohko was walkng with this group of survivors for a while now and was saddend to hear that the little girl Yuka ran into KIzami 'I cant beleive i didnt listen to Emi i hope shes ok', Seiko was asking Her questions about what happend to her face and tooth and she told them about Kizami which got a terrified reaction from Yuka who was now clinging to Her big brother Satoshi, Satoshi was realy nice not like Kizami He was careing, kind and kinda cute, She began to blush when that popped in her head so she looked away only to come face to face with KIZAMI! "AHHHHHHH!"

The others all looked up when Tohko screemd only to see a tall, well built man with an insane look in his eyes and sinister grin, Satoshi knew who He was the moment Yuka began wimpering and hideing behind him, Kizami, the bastared that hurt Yuka and Tohko. Kazami was overjoyed at this new oppertunity "Oh look at this hello Tohko i see you foun my 'Little Sister' Yuka, and who are your freinds, why dont you introduce me" Tohko was rooted to the spot "Kizami! I-I....Oh God! Get AWAY! DONT COME NEAR ME YOU MONSTER!" Satoshi steppd forward and moved Tohko begind Him with the others "Stay aeay from the you bastard!" He growled menicingly at this perfetic eccuse for a man, Kizami began laughing and pulled out His knife "oh i'll enjoy killing you just to watched Yuka cry over your corpse".

He lunged at Satoshi and slamed Him into the wall, Satoshi punched him in the jaw but reseved a blow to the stumach in return, Kizami began to lower the blade towards His eyes with a sick grin whalst Satoshi gabed His hand trying to push it back with no hope. Naomi noticed Seiko wispering and knew what was about to happen decideing to hid beging her freinf before IT came.

Just as Satoshi was about to except His fate Kizami was pulled off and thrown toe the opposite wall, standing before Him was a nightmare borne drom Hell, death incarnate, the creature began to laugh histericly in a deep, demonic tone that sent chills down His spine.

Kizami had a second before being lifted back of the ground and slambed into the wall by His throught, what met his eyes was something that scared even he, and it was grinning "KKKKKIIIIZZZAMMMIIIIIIII......BBBBUUUURRRNNNN......CCCCCRRRREEEEEMMM...CCCRRRIIIIII.......PPPPPAAAAYYYY HUHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAUAUUAUHGRRRRRRRRRRRRR" In His fear Kizami didnt notice the creature grab his arme until he felt it twist and the bones snap "HAAHAHAHAHAHA you think you can make me screem! dont make me laugh!" He seid through gritted teeth, the creature seemed to look happy? was that the answer it wanted, next thing Kizami knew the beast broke both his legs and his other arme with a sickening series of crunching and cracking of bones then it took HIS blad and began to care into his flesh laughing the entire time but Kizami still wouldent screem, the creature the pointed at its ruind eye with a smile, Kizami knew what it ment an eye for an eye hehe.

As the blade came down the creature smiled insanly as it then slowly pushed the blade into Kizami's right eye slowly digging into the fleshy orb, this time the pain was too much and Kizami screemed he let loose a blood curdiling wail of pain as the vision in his eye was replaced with aganising pain tha blade getting deaper into the socket, then it was viscously bulled out. Kizami was still screaming on the ground when the monster before Him turned into a boy with a horribly scared face, the left side burnt horribly, a hole where his heart should be, an insane glint in the left eye as it reached out and touched the right side of his face where he mangeld his eye and released burning flames onto his face, burning Kizamis face and adding to the pain "AHHHHHHHH AAAHHHAHHH AHHAH AHA HAHA AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" then the boy pulled back rapping a rope around Kizami's left leg still mangeled from the attack, it the turned back into the demonic beast and draged him screaming down the corridor, HE WASENT DONE PLAYING YET.

Satoshi felt sick after the display of pure power of the psychotic killer and held Yuka in His armes as She cied soon joined by Naoi and Tohko who held ont him as if there lives depended on it, Seiko only stood there with the paper in hand stareing down the corridor, where the screams of Kizami can still be heard echoing through the halls of Heavenly Host.

Yuka looked up to Satoshi "See Onii-Chan there is a Boogry Man! Hes real!" Satoshi was still watching Seiko, did she summon it? how? that montser saved His life but can they trust such a brutal and mercyless creature? 

Don't Run With Scissors

Satoshi was so lost he couldent find Yuka anywhere and worse he had NO IDEA where he even was, this part of the school is unfamiliar, He couldent find his sister or freinds and it was worrying him to no end "Yuka where are you" He entered a class room and saw a shiny object on the other side of a large holse in the floor 'hmm i'll nead helpto get it maby i can ask that girl from the Infermery if she could hel' so Satoshi made his way to the Infermery, the girl, Tohko, was still there qwivering in the corner "uhm...excuse me i wa-" "I SEID LEAVE ME ALONE!" he was cut off when the girl screamed and rand at him, a pair of scissors raised ready to stab Satoshi with a fatal blow, her hand came down but Satoshi was suprised to find they found a new target, the ghost of a boy about his own age stood in front of him the scissors somehow lodged into his chest, Tohko looked scared out of her mind looking apon the spirit before her, the one she just STABED! she was in so much shit! it will kill her!

Tohko began to back away cowering from the form that was slowly approching her, towering over her, "I-I-I So-so-" she was cut off by the gurgelling laugh of the specter before her, it looked at her with menicing eyes before pulling the scissors from its chest and olding the blade towards her face! She tried to back away but found herself against the wall "I'm sor-sorry i was-wasent ment to d-do that i-" the createe held the scissors next to her right eye opend them and SNAPED them closed just inches from her eye, she couldent hold in the small wimper that escaped her lips and began to tremble.

Satoshi was still dumbstrucke with what the heck happend, one second he was gonna die next this, even though she tried to kill him she was scared and he couldent let this thing kill her "HAY! LEAVE HER ALONE YOU BASTARD!" the ghost then took the scissors and twirlsed them so the handle was pointing at Tohko then Satoshi heard it say in a garggeld voice "DDDOOOONNT RRRRUUUNNN WWWWIIIII SSHHISHHOORSS HUWNUHUHUHUHUHUHWWAAHHAU!" before disapearing, the scissors hitting the floor with a clatter.

Tohko was so scared but even when she tried to kill him, this boy stood up for her! and now the thing was gone, she was gonna live! she was so happy she started crying and ran at the boy this time rapping her armes around him and hugging him tight "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I THOUGHT IT WAS GONNA KILL ME THANK SO MUCH!" at this point Satoshi couldent breath "Too....tight....cant....breath....." Tohko quickly released her grip on him "Oh! sorry, umm...thank you that was brave of you even after i ummm...trighd know....sorry" she gave a sheepish smile and as much as Satoshi was mad at her he decided to let it go "it's ok just dont try to kill me again and we dont have a problem" Tohko was happy he wasent going to outright be mad at her "understood, wont happen again hehe.....uh can i umm stick with you please?" she asked shyly, after all he might say no she did try to kill him.

Satoshi thought for a second and decided it couldent hurt as long as she dosent get her hads on anything sharp "yeh sure if you want but no scissors" Tohko couldent hel the giggle that escaped when he mentioned no scissors and fully agreed "of course fine by me!" as they left the room she held onto Satoshi's arme and wouldent let go.

Tongue And Mouth

Satoshi and Tohko walked for a long time trying to find Yuka and the others but with no success "Damn it! where are they!" Satoshi yelled in frustration makeing Tohko jump slightly "Uhm.....maby, maby there not on this side of the building, there was another wing i remeber-" "Its not there anymore, it's just gone i dont know how" Satoshi seid in response to Tohko makeing her look down thourtfully.

"GHHHHH IIE BAAAA!!" they where startled from there discusion when they heard a bone chilling voice shout from futher ahead, Tohko looked at Satoshi unsure "W-what w-w-was that?" she asked nervosly, Satoshi looked back at her "i dont now but i dont want to stick around any longer to find out" so the two began walking back down the long halls.

Futher down they they could hear crying and laughing, Satoshi looked at Tohko "can you hear that?" "Uhm...yeah I did, it sounded like a little girl crying and something...laughing?" she replyed, Satoshi looked at her in worry "Mabt we should check it out" they walked around the corner and what they found was the strangest thing they have seen so far.

The little girl ghost with one eye was chaseing after the same ghost boy from the Infermery, the boy was holding a bloody bag in his hand waveing it in front of the little girl, she was reaching out for it but he was always one step away and just out of her reach "GHHHH IIIIE BAAA!" the ghost girl cried at the boy who only replyed with a gurgeling laugh before holding out his arme with the bag over a large hole. The girl looked mortified by the action "NNOO PWEES NNO!" she begged as the boy gave a sinister, malicous smile in retern, then let go for a second before catching it makeing her squeel and reach out in panick with a wide teary eye.

Satoshi and Tohko watched this in both shock and worry "Mochida what if he drops it? that girl is evil, she kills people all the children do! she would be angry and she might take it out on us!" Satoshi thought had to do something he steped out fro hideing "HAY! hay give it back you bully!" the boy looked up with a cross look on his face and growled at Satoshi, the girl looked up with a confused look before looking back at the boy with a hopefull expression, the boy looked at the tongue, then Satoshi and finaly the little girl before grinning manicaly and letting go of the tongue "NNNNOOOOO! GHHHH IIIEE BAAA!*sob*" "SSSHHHHEEEEE YYYYAAAAA BBBIIIICCHHH! HWAHAHAHHAHAHHAHWAHA!".

As the boy vanished Satoshi looked at the distraut girl in panick, she turned her face to him and her look was murderous "GHHHH IIIEE BBAAA!" Satoshi grabed Tohko's hand and made a mad dash down the corridor dragging a very frightend and very panicked Tohko with him with the little girl's voice echoing behind them "GHHHH IIIIE BAAAA!".

Lost And Found

Yuka was glad to have found Onii-Can's teacher, she waled closely behind Satoshi, the image of that ghost was still fresh in her mind, she new it was silly but he stilled frightend her.

Satoshi looked back at Yuka, concerned for her "Yuka are you ok, you've been verry quiet" she looked up at him and gave a small smile "i'm ok, realy" "I dont beleive you, whats wrong" she looked down with a slight blush "It's sily realy, that ghost just kind of scares me" Satoshi hugged her his sister "no nead to be afraid ok, i'm sure it will be ok, just stay with me Yuka i'll protect you" that made Yuka smile and she hugged Sotoshi.

Mis.Yui was explaining how she got seperated from Shinozaki and Kishinuma when the the hammer slamed down in front of her makeing everyone stop in there tracks, Yui looked up to see a hulking man holding the hammer looking back at her, "RUN!" she shouted before grabing Naomi and Seiko's hands and darting down the right corridor, satoshi was sent flying down the left corridor as Yuka ran down the stairs in panick. Tohko ran to Satoshi and draged him into the class room "Oh God! wake up Mochid, please wake up!" she heard the man go down the stairs and dread filled her when she noticed Yuka wasent with them.

Satoshi woke up and looked around the room, his vision was blurry but he made out the image of Tohko "W-where is......where is Yuka? Naomi and Seiko? Mis.Yui....what happend?" his head was killing him, he blacked out again.

yuka was terreified the man with the hammer was comeing and  she lost Onii-Can and the others, she was alone! she ran into the sciance lab and hid under a table, the man with hammer walked past luckily and she was just happy he didn't come in hear. she looked down and saw a slightly raised floorbourd, looking in she found a bloody bag, why was the a bloody bag? she was scared to look but opend it anyway only to find a TONGUE! a human tongue was in the bag! "KYAAHH" she droped it and began releavng her stumach on the floor, when she looked up there was the ghost with the ruined face, he looked at her intently and reached down for the bag, looking in side he smiled and pulled out the tongue.

He smiled widly 'My tongue, she found my tongue!' he eagerly placed it into his mouth allowing his body to merge with the lost muscel, he looked down at the petrified, confused little girl with an exstatic smile "W-well then...Hmn...lalalalalala..She shells she shel...She sells she sel.....She sells sea shells from the sea floor ha got it..been a i havent spoken in years this feels tongue feels realy fucking weird but i'll get used to it heheehe this is briliant!" he rambeld on and on confuseing Yuka more when he looked at her and grabed her raiseing her and spinning her around amkeing her yelp in suprise "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" he then pulled her in for a hug and squeezed the poor girl between his armes and chest "Cant....breath.." "OH SHIT! sorry..." he placed her on the floor and watched her breath deeply to catch her breath "Well this is great i can officialy introduce myself my name is Tamotsu Shadou and you are" he looked at the girl expectantly.

Yuka looked up at the ghost his voice was still like a growl and deaper then any man she had heard before but thats proberly because of his ruind throught, it was then she noticed he asked for her name " name is Yu-Yuka Morchida" "Nice to meet'ya Yu-Yuka Morchid, I'm playing i know i must be scary but dont be afaid little Yuka i wont hurt ya, i swear on her sleeping forme" Yuka was pleased to hear that " is nice to meet you Shadou" she smiled politly, to think this person scared her know she just thought he was funny, he waved her off "No nead for fromalitys Yuka, this place is shit and most people die hear just call me Tamotsu ok" Yuka blushed at his comment "Ok..Tamotsu" her face pailed when she noticed a certen hammer weilding man walk into the room.

Tamotsu looked around at what scared Yuka only to find that hammer weilding lug "'s you.....this is better then i thought i have so much i want to say" he grabed the hammer and wacked him in the stumach "ONE you hit me in the head from behind you pussy" he then followed it with a blow to the face "TWO you are a real bastard" he then braught the hammer to his jaw "THREE your nothing but a little girls zombie bitch" he then slamed the hammer into his leg, grounding him "FOUR You hunted us down like animals, you killed my best freind, the only guy who ever hung out with me, he had my back I HAD HIS you BROKE His" He then slamed the hammer into his back "FIVE.......THIS IS FOR KEIZO!" he then slamed the hammer into the mans thought, breaking the hammer in the process then lifted him into the air and threw him out the window.

Yuka watched the whole thing from the corner of the room, whent he man whrnt out the window Tamotsu turned to her "Well lets go find your brother shall we" he reached out his hand waiting for her to take it, Yuka hesetently rached out and took it before he led her from the room.

Old Freind

Keizo was flouting through the hall searching for his freind in life, he might have been insane but he was the nicest guy he new "TAMOTSU, WHERE ARE YOU MY FREIND, THE STORIES I HAVE HEARD, THE THINGS I HAVE SEEN, ARE YOU REALY OUT THERE SAVEING PEOPLE EVEN THOUGH THERE IS NO HOPE, NO GOING HOME......I MISS YOU FREIND, I HOPE TO FIND YOU, TO SPEEK TO YOU ONE MORE TIME........I WONDER IF THOSE TWO GIRLS FOUND YOU, I TOLD THEM ABOUT THE TOMB, ABOUT THE NOTE.....SADLY I CAN'T GET IN, NO SPIRIT APART FROM YOU CAN, YOU'R LOVE IS TOO STRONG HEHE ALWAYS HASE BEEN" he then drifted further down the hall, pausing only to look at the beat up forme of Yoshikazu staggering along, "HEHE DID HE KICK YOU'R ASS AGANE, POOR YOSHIKAZU, ALWAYS SOMEONE'S BITCH I SEE HEHE" Keizo left down the hall before he attracted Sachico 'that girl is crazy'.

As Keizo drifted along he came across two students in a class room one a girl leaning over the unconcouse forme of a boy "CAN I HELP IN AWAY WAY?" he asked the girl prepard for her reaction. Tohko looked up at the sad, detached voice only to find a ghostly silouet in a blue flame and yelped at the sight before standing infront of Satoshi in a protective stance even though she new she can't stop a ghost "Leave Mochida alone" she growled but realised that being aggresive might not be the best opption "I meen, well...just please, we dont want trouble please just go away" she begged knowing she can't fight and Mochida was knocked out cold.

Keizo was bored he heard it all before "YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER, NOT ALL OF US WANT TO KILL YOU, JUST ABOUT 99 PERCENT OF US HEHE....THERES A 10 PERCENT THAT ACTUELY WANT TO HELP, I'M PROUD TO SAY I AM ONE" he stated in a calm but pained voice, Tohko was warry but decided to ask the ghost for help against her better judgement " freind is hurt and i can't get him to wake up, can you help".

Keizo looked and the still forme of the boy "I'LL TRY I GEUSS, BUT HE MIGHT FEEL A BIT SICK AFTER I'M DONE..." Tohko had no idea what he was talking about and was about to ask before the spirit leaped into Satoshi's body makeing the bolt up strate and gasp for air, makeing Tohko yelp and jump a little in suprise, Satoshi looked over to her "what happend? why dose my head feel funny? where is every one?" he asked, there was this feeling like there was someone in his head? Tohko was a little worried " have a ghost in you and the others got seperated when the guy with the hammer showed up" she explained slowly.

Satoshi whent into overdrive "WHAT! NAOMI, SEIKO, MIS.YUI.........YUKA! AHHHHHHEHHHHAH!" he was driven from his panick by an ear splitting screetch thenit stoped and a ghost was staanding before them "THERE ALL DONE, I SEE HE WOKE UP QUICKLY, FASTER THEN MOST HEHE, FUNNY REALY, HOW FRAGILE THE BODY IS, I USED TO BE FRAGILE UNTIL THE SPIRIT CHILDREN REMOVED MY SKINE FROM THE FLESH AND ROLED ME DOWN THE STAIRS, HOW FUNNY THAT I FEEL THAT FOREVER WITH OUT A BODY.......WELL I MUST GO, MUST FIND AN OLD FREIND, MABY YOU HAVE SEEN HIM, HE LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING FROM A NIGHTMARE FROM WHAT I HEARD BUT STILL AS INSANE AND CHAREMING AS EVER"  Satosh's eyes opend wide as he looked at the ghost "He....He was you'r freind, that thing that keeps showing up, you know him?!".

Keizo looked at the boy "AH SO YOU DO KNOW HIM, WELL I'M GLAD TO KNOW I'M NOT CRAZY AND MAKEING THIS SHIT UP HEHE, PERHAPS WE CAN FIND HIM TOGETHER, I'LL TELL YOU MORE ON THE WAY" Satoshi stood up and walked ou the door with Tohko and this ghost "Ok...that would help alot to understand this guy.....whats you'r name by the way?" he asked as he didnt want to keep calling him the ghost, "I AM KEIZO YAMAMOTO AND YOU"  "Satoshi Mochida and ths is Tohko Kirisaki" he gestured towards Tohko but stoped when he cought the shocked look on her face "Kirisaki are you ok?".

Tohko was shocked 'that can't be right it has to be a qoincidence right, Mitsuki didn't have a great uncle' "Yamamot? you'r name is Yamamoto? i have a freinf hear with that name......but how" Keizo looked at her in suprise "BUT THAT COULD MEEN........MY SISTER HAD A FAMILY, SHE HAD A GRAND DAUGHTER.......I HAVE A GREAT NEICE, AND SHES IN HEAR" he began to glow red at the thought that his owne flesh and blood was in this hell "WHERE IS SHE! TELL ME!" Tohko began to slowly move behind Satoshi "P-please calm down, i don't know where she is but we can look for her" she reasond hopeing he would calm down, red spirits are unstable.

Keizo calmed himself and looked at the frightend girl "I APPOLOGISE, I DID NOT MEEN TO FRIGHTEN A FREIND OF MY BLOOD, PLEASE FORGIVE MY OUTBURST......CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT HER?"  Tohko was releived that he calmed down and was willing to tell him what ever he wanted to know as ong as he stayed calm "Yah uhm....she is thes 17, my age, we're realy close freinds, she is 5/2 in hight, uhm....her birthday is June 27th, she gose to my school Byakudan Senior High clas 2-4, she has light brown hair tied into to buns with gray/blue eyes and she loves fortune telling, flowers and cheese cakes hehe and God help you if you are an unfaithful man, theres a reason they call her 'HellGirl Mitsuki', she lives with her grandmother, so i geuss you'r sister? uhm shes a great cook and is a careing person, she is also the secretary of Byakudan's student council...." Keizo absorbed all the information "I HAVE A NEICE, MITSUKI....SHE SOUNDS GREAT, I WANT TOMEET HER.......THIS SCHOOL WILL NOT TAKE HER DO YOU HEAR ME YOU GOD DAMNED HELL HOLE!....... I APPOLOGISE AGANE SORRY PLEASE CONTINUE" he listend more about his neice as they searched for the outher students.

Potty Emergency!

Tamotsu walked alonside Yuka, rambling on and on now that he has his tingue, there was just so much he wanted to say "It feels so good to speek hahe...yes i can get used to this, Yuka this is the best thing that has ever happen to me since i died....thank you" He smiled down at the tiny girl who only bushed and kicked the floor lightly in response " was nothing realy, i meen if you didn't come in when you did i was gonna leave it there" she seid sheepishly, looking down, it was then that she felt a familiar ach in her lower abnomen makeing her moun in discumfort.

Tamotsu looked down at the sound with concerne "Are you ok Yuka.....whats wrong?" She looked up, her face red from embaresment "I-I nead to g-go toilet" she seid not looking him in the face "Hmmmmmmm well then i geuss we better find something for you to go in....try the stalls not far down there come on" so they waked down the hall to the girls bathroom, Yuka stoped and turned abruptly "I will go in and you wi wait" she told him, Tamotsu didn't whant to leave her alone "Are yo sure, this place can be a real tricky bastared" but Yuka nodded her head and walked into the bathroom 'Hope she'll be alright'.

Not long after her heard a scream and ran into the bathroom "Yuka! YUKA are you ok!?" he heard her scream again and ran to the last stall "Yuka whats wrong tell me?!" "Thers blood! its filling the stall!" 'Nonono' "HOLD ON!" he then reard back and booted the door but it didn't budgem he then repeated the action agane and agane until it splinterd and crashed to te ground, and there standing before him was the shivering forme of Yuka, tears streeming down her face, and blood up her legs.

Yuka was so pleased to see the door break and she ran out and hugged Tamotsu "T-thank you!" Tamotsu looked down at the little girl before hugging her back "Don't mention it, I didn't fight Yoshikazu just to let you die in a toilet hehe" he seid grinning at the young girl before guideing her out of the room.

Tamotsu looked at Yuka once she calmed down "Lets try something else so you wont die hmmm.....! then he noticed the bucket on the floor and snaped his fingers "Thats it the bucket, you can piss in that" Yuka looked mortified by the idea "BUT! but i-i c-cant p-pea in a b-bucket" she choked, she couldent just pea in a bucket it was bad enough she had to walk around bare down there since her 'accident' but now this, Tamotsu looked at her sternly "I don't whant complaints i'm going to close my eyes and all i whant to hear is the sounds of whater hitting metal ok?".

He closed his eyes and Yuka walked over to the bucket, she raised her skirt up and squeted over the bucket to do her busyness. When she was done her face was bright red ", I'm done" she spoke in a small voice to get his attention, Tamotsu opend his eyes and looked down at Yuka "That whern't so bad now was it, come lets find you'r brother and his freinds".

Yuka had to ask before she found the others so she turned to Tamotsu "uhm...Tamotsu, why don't you like Nakashima?" Tamotsu was tacken back by the question but woud humer the girl "Because shes week and unrealiable..........but Seiko wont like it if she dies, or else i woud have let her die when the students tried to kill her after she fell through the floor" Yuka gasped when he mentioned letting her die "But- but shes realy nice though and she means alot to Onii-Chan....." there was a tight feeling in her chest at those words and Tamotsu noticed "I get it, those feelings can be confuseing, loveing a relative like i right" Yuka was shocked by the statement, how did he know? or was he just messing with her? "I-I d-dont kn-know what y-your talking about" she seid whalst avodeing his gaze.

Tamotsu decide to drop the conversation for now but not for ever. 


Yuka was still looking for her Onii-Chan with the help of Tamotsu, who recomeded searching the second floor of the second wing "Uhm....Tamotsu-Chan, can i ask you something" Yuka looked up at the ghost with a red face, Tamotsu looked down at Yuka "Sure Little Yuka, whats on you'r mind" allthough he had a good idea what it was.

Yuka looked down at her feet "'s about what you seid earlier....about how i feel about Onii-Chan, I-I love him........but not like i should...." she looked up at him with tears in the corner of her eyes, he mearly looked back intently, then nodded for her to continue "I was wondering if that makes me a bad person or sick? is this normal? or am I weird?" she spoke with a brocken voice as she was near bracking point "Will Onii-Chan love me back?..".

Tamotsu looked at the emotionely recked girl before sighing, though it sounded like a soft growl, "You are not sick or weird Yuka, just a little lost in you'r'r young and the thoughts in you'r head are jumble up" he told her "You'r Onni-Chan may never share you'r strong feelings but he will always love are his little sister and one day you will meet a boy that will fill the place that you'r Onii-Chan can never fill, a boy who will care for you and love you, he will give his life for you and you he....You'r Onii-Chan will understand Yuka....just be honest".

Yuka was engrossed in the speach, Her Onii-Chan will never love her like that but he will always love her as a sister and the boy he discribed sounded realy nice and she hoped thay she will meet him one day, "Thank you Tamotsu-Chan, that makes me feel better thank you..."she turned around in time to see a girl ghost standing infront of her which made he sqeuk in fear and hide behind Tamotsu.

Tamotsu looked at the ravaged dress and blowss of the girl and her tear stained face, the rope mark around her neck from her suicide, she smiled at him " is good to see you" "Ito.....look at you....i'm so sorry i should of protected you from him, I-" "Don't appologise Shadou, he was a monster........but you can help me know" Ito replyed with a sad smile, "How?", "Koga has kidnapped a group of students, he wants to...'play' a game with them, hes disgusting and i'm too weak to face him.....he scares me".

Tamotsu turned to Yuka "Yuka we have a job to do, i have wanted to do this for a long while" he seid with a grin as they followed the girl down the halls. Down the hall they could hear Yoshik "DON'T TOUCH HER!" Yuka looked up in shock "Thats Yoshiki!", Ito smiled at Tamotsu who smiled back "Show time" he then opend te door and was introduced with a very disturbing sight.

Hammer Time

Emi was running for her life, The Hammer Weilding Man was hunting her down and she coudent find her freinds, where were they! Emi ran into something hard and fell to the floor, she looked up to see Kai standing over her "Urabe?! what are you doing hear? i thought everyone was dead?!" Emi looked up at Kai before bursting into tears and latching onto his leg for dear life "Shimada! Shimada please help! Hes going to kill me!" she then broke down into sobs as Yoshikazu came around the corner dragging his hammer with him.

Kai was not expecting Emi to react like that which nocked him off gaurd "Ok, Ok well I say we get the hell out of hear come on!" he grabed Emi's hand and began to run, dragging the girl with him before Yoshikazu coud bring the hammer down apon them. Kai stopped running once the sounds of the lumbering man had dissolved into the distance, he looked down at Emi who was panting heaviy trying to catch her breath when he began to speek "So what was that about! What the fuck was that!" he shouted at the traumatized girl "I DONT KNOW!" she screamed back at him makeing the boy recoil out of suprise, He was about to reply when he heard a voicein his mind 'Look after her, dont make me hurt you SHIMADA' his face pailed at the use of his name "How do you know my name!?" 'Oh Kirisaki told me alot about you Kai Shimada, so look after little Emi there or........ill play jump rope with your chest cavity hehhahehHUHAHAHAHUHHAHAHHA!' Kai droped onto his knees holding his head, "I will! I will just GET OUT OF MY HEAD!".

Emi looked at Kai with worry "Uhm.....shimada are you ok" She asked in a shaky voice, Kai looked at her and grabed her wrist, raiseing to his feet "You ar'nt leaving my sight ok......i cant let you die" he told her sternly, Emi swallowd hard before slowly nodding her head 'whats wrong with Shimada, hes acting weird' She was pulled from her thoughts when Kai began walking dragging her by the arme through the halls of Heavenly Host. 

Todays Lesson

Takeo Ueda was sitting in the art room, looking down at his peacful corpse that lay in the corner of the room "I failed to save them, I don't deserve this fate........overdoesing on my pills gave me a painless death and what of my students? forever in torment........if only I new..." he was driven from his thoughts by the sound of a girl muttering in the corner of the room, he had'nt noticed her, he walked over to her "Are you ok dear? can I assist in any way?" she just continued to wisper some kind of chant over and over agane, he waved his hand in front of her only to be completly ignored "Well.....geuss she neads a push...."

With that Ueda possessd the girl then walked out of the room, into the halls where screemed at the top of gis lungs and exited the girl. When the girl stoped screeming she looked around the room with utter confusion, where was she? she wasent in the art class anymore.......what was going on? then she saw the blue spirit of what appeard to be an elderly tearcher with kind eyes and a worried expression.

"Are you ok dear? i'm sorry for the possession but i was worried the school would consume you.......where are my manners, I am Yakeo Ueda, once a teacher in life nad you are?" the girl looked at him with slight fear, she did not trust the spirits of this place, they frightend her " name is Kokuhaku Akaboji...."

Ueba smiled softly now that the girl was back with the sane, for now, he was about to repy when he heard a scream down the hall, followed by 3 VERY familiar voices "That can't be! but that has to be them!" Kokuhaku was tacken by suprise and looked down the hall with fear, the teacher ghost was in disbaleif though "Who?" she asked, the teacher ghost grabed her hand gently "Come with me will be safer by my side" she reluctently allowed him to guide her down the halls

down the hall-----------

Tamotsu had Koga by the throught pinned to the wall "HOW DARE YOU! I LEAVE FOR A SECOND AND YOU JUST CAN'T BEHAVE CAN YOU ASS CRACKER!" he screemed in the horrid ghosts face, Ito was standing to his left watching the scene "I warned you Fukui, i told you not to do it..." "Oh shut it! look Shadou I had a momment of weakness but you got back before any harm was done so quit ya whinnin-" Koga would have continued if his wound wasent jabed with Tamotsu's fist.

Ayumi was crying in Yoshiki's armes, the idea that Koga tried something when Tamotsu disapeard was terrifying but luckily nothing bad happend but she was still shacken, Yuka was currently holding her hand to help calm her down as well.

Ueda came round the corner Kokuhaku in tow when he witnessed a familiar sight, the same thing he saw before he lost his students, so it wasent hard to put the peices together- Fukui was up to his old tricks and Shadou was still insane, he put on a stern face and used his 'Teacher voice' "What is going on hear you two?".

At the sound of the voice Tamotsu turned with a manic grin "Why nothing sir! we're just haveing fun right Jail Bitch!" at the use of TAmotsu old 'Im innocent line' Ueda buest into laughter before comeing forward and shaking the boys hand "Never thought i would miss that! it's good to finaly find you kids, well three of you at least!" he then smacked Koga round the head "AND YOU! I swear I should let Shadou hear kick you'r ass......but i'm still you'r teacher and I can't let that happen under my watch so whalst I find out the names of these young people.......Shadou has five minutes with my back turned and attention occupied" he tuned turned to the students around him followd by Koga's screams.

Five Minutes Later

Tamotsu was deviceing a plane with Ueda to try and catch up with the other students "Well what do you think? should we try to find the ones in Yuki's space or Sachiko's?" Ueda asked with a weary glance "Yuki's defenently, I can't get a good grip on Sachiko's space" and with that settled Tamotsu changed to his demonic form and the school once agane shook violantly, like it was trying to resist him, but they soon found themselves in a different space, where the air was somehow colder. 

Selfish Hero

Kai Shimada continued to walk down the hall at a fast pace pulling Emi along with him "Shimada, where are going?" he turned to the gil who was beathing heavy and struggling to keep up "I don't know but I just get a feeling we have to go this way" "what do you meen a feeling?" "I don'nt know! now shut up!" Emi looked down at the floor "You're meen" she mutterd under her breath makeing Kai grunt in annoyance.

Tamotsu was wateing patiantly with the group when Kai and Emi came round the corner "Ah you made it, glad to see you both in one peice..." He grined at the boy who stoped in his tracks, looking at the spirit with fear and disbaleif "Y-You're the voice in my head! You told me to protect Urabe or you would kil me!......Look shes ok, see! no nead to kill me, i did as you asked...." at this Emi turned to Kai "So you only helped me because this spirit threatend you? you are such a horrid person!" she yelled at him.

Tamotsu found the afair amuseing "Yes, Yes and Yes now that we have picked you too up there is an Onii-Chan, a girl, a beet up boy and a psychopath the find so ets get going shall we.

Mitsuki ran forward and embraced Emi "EMI! thank God you're ok!" EMi hugged her back as tears fell from her eyes but gasped at the sight behnd the students and spirits.

Tamotsu turned to see Naho watching the scene with a blank face "Hmmmm....Naho right?" she looked over at the spirit "Yes and you must be Tamotsu Shadou" Tamotsu grined at her reply "Thats what brings an occult bitch to my court room?" he asked with an amused smile, Naho was tacken back by his reply "Excuse me but what do you meen by that" "Don't play dumb I KNOW what they can't hehe...." the groupe looked at him with confused looks "Never mind people, thats for later......can't spoil EVERY suprise in this place can iI now".

Naho turned and walked away from the groupe "Awww did I upset you......good" he then turned his attention to Yuka "lets find you're Onii-Chan shall we" Yuka smiled brightly at him "YES! come on!" she the grabbed his hand and pulled him along.

Heart of Darkness

Shadou was on the hunt for Yuka, He had to kill Her......He has to kill them all. The Darkening had tacken full control of His mind leaving Him a creature of death.

Yuka & Den were running back to the otheres to warn them about Shadou, something was terribly wrong with Him. they turned the corner to find Ueda came looking for them. Den stoped Ueda in His tracks "Whats going on?! wheres Shadou?" "The Darkening got Him! Hes gone man with the nead to kill!!" Ueda realised that with Shadou lost to The Darkening they may have just lost there only ticket to save these students.

--back with the group--

Ayumi was frightend, if Shadou was corrupted by the Darkening then they were doomed. "What now then?" she asked looking at the three spirits trying to help them, she was trying to forget that Koga exsisted, Ueda was the one to answer "Well the only thing i caan think of is to somehow find something that means a great deal to Shadou......something that can bring back His will, to kick out the Darkening". Den was thinking silantly when He had an idea "what about your friend Seiko?" everyones heads turned to Den "what about Shinohara?" asked Yoshiki, " just answerd your own question" "what are you talking abou?" "even the Darkening cant block out Shadou's love for Shinohara......theres are breaking point" He grined at the group as part of his stumach did the same, releasing his intestines to the world. before anyone coud protest or try to disway the plane they heard a bone chilling call from down the hall "Yuuuuuukaaaaaa! Shiiiinnoooozzakiiii! Kishinuuumaaa! come to me.....let me show you freedom.....let me release your souls from you mortal flesh!". Yoshiki turned to the group "ok lets discuss this once we ar not in immediate danger shall" everyone agreed, running for there lives & souls down the corridor. A great black shadow passing by where they previously stood. 

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