Author's Notes

This set of chapters is based more around Naomi Nakashima and Seiko Shinohara but there are many characters to cross over such as Yuka Mochida and Satoshi Mochida, Yui Shishido, Tohko Kirisaki, Yuuya Kizami, Kensuke Kurosaki and others as they make themselves known.

Seiko and The Beast

Seiko was full of regret, she and Naomi have never argued like that before, it was there first actuel argument and she just left Her best friend alone, how could she so that? she has to back and find Naomi, she has to make up with Her "But where are you?" Seiko began walking back towards Naomi but something cought Her eye, a boy was walking down the corridor, dragging what looked to be a.....a red spirit? by its leg? "PLEASE IM SORRY I DIDNT MEAN TO HURT HER I SWEAR! PLEASE! PLEASE LET ME GO!" the spirit cried out in panic and fear, this was begining to frighten Seiko, then as the boy walked into the light she could see his face was incredibly damaged, the left side burnt horribly forever showing his teeth on that side and the eye was permanently open, on the right side a scare ran down through his eye and across the bridge of his knose, He dragged the red spirit toward Her, Seiko hid behind a cabinet before the terrifying thing can see Her.

The boy draged the spirit into the center of the room "PLEASE NO I DIDNT MEEN IT PLEAS! DONT DRANE ME PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOO!" The boy raised His captive and begane to turn into a black smoke like creature with a fiery red core and strange black wing like appendages, it looked the spirit in the eye and opend it mouth, the spirit screemed as he was devouerd by the boy, NO not boy MONSTER.

Seiko couldent help it she released a terrifyed wimper as she witnessed a GHOST DIE! ghosts cant die! she quikly coverd her mouth with both hands with wide frightend eyesbit it was too late the creature looked at Her, it looked at her with curiosity and then some kind of recognition? it smiled and began to move towards Her, Seiko backed into the wall and tears began to poolin her eyes and before she new it they were pouring down Her face and she was petrified, pined agaainst the wall in fear as the creature got closer.

The creature became confused and looked at Her in shock as if it didnt expect Her to be scared of it, then realisation dawned on the being, this was not Her, she was deas He new this he held Her as she died, He began to wail in sorrow and retreated down the hall screaming in both rage and greife, whalst Seiko could only look in shock and confusion, suly it should have killed me?

Seiko finaly found Naomi in the girls bathroom but something was wrong, She looked wrong "Hay Naomi im sorry we had that fight but i cant stay mad at yo..........Naomi what are doing....Naomi?" before she could do anything Naomi grabed Her and began to rap a rope around Her neck and letting go, leaving Her to hang by the neck. In Her fear she struggeld and after what felt like hours stoped, Naomi came back and when she noticed Her friend she tried to save Her but it was no us, Naomi broke down in tears and was about to go get the bucket from outside when a black demonic being came into the room, Naomi backed into the corner in fear, but when the thing moved towards Seiko with determination she found Her voice "Y-you leave her alone! Dont touch Her you! You hear Me! DONT TOUCH SEIKO!" she whent to hit the thing with the bucket but stopped when the rope cut and Seiko fell to the floor with a thud, at first she thought she was dead but then she begane couthing.

Seiko opend Her eyes and saw Naomi hugging Her, 'NO NAOMI TRIED TO KILL ME' "AHHHHHHHHH!" Seiko screemed and ran from the room but didnt get far before hitting something hard, she was stopped from falling down by two strong hands grabbing Her wrists. She looked up to see the boy with the ruined face looking at Her with what looked why would it look at her like that, now looking at the boy she can see hes missing his winf pipe and tongue causing blood to pool in his mouth, then she heard Naomi "Seiko pleas come back! dont run away from me ple-" Naomi's weard died in Her throught as she saw Her friend and the ghost, "Let Seiko go! please dont hurt Her please!".

Seiko heard a rummbling growl come from the creature as it looked at Naomi, then it looked back at her and smiled "p-p-proooteuuuuckt Shiiikoooo", Seiko was confused and looked at the creature with curious eyes, did He say that? then the boy let Seiko go and turned into the same demonic thing she saw when it devouerd that red spirit before slinking off down the hall.

Naomi ran up to Seiko and huged Her "Thank God that thing saved you i was so scared i thought you was gonna die!" Seiko watched as Naomi hugged Her with tears pouring down her face, She dosent remember? how could she not remeber? well maby she wasent completly to blame? I wonder if ill see Him agane?

Naomi and Seiko began to walk down the opposit hall in search of there friends, whalst a little girl in a red dress looked on in anger, She quikly left when a familer demonic being moved in the direction of the two girls, never letting them out of His sight, Sachiko was not a happy spirit.

Unleash The Beast

Naomi and Seiko walked in silance, Naomi was unable say anything, She had tried to KILL SEIKO! Her best freind!?! why? what is wrong with Her and then that THING showed up and saved Her, Naomi was so confused. Seiko knew that Naomi was beating Herself up about what happend and decided to break the ice "hay Naomi, its ok im not mad at you, you whernt youself and you didnt meen anything you did-" "BUT I TRIED TO KILL YOU! Seiko i tried to hang you.....i cant, w-why w-w-would i DO THAT!" Naomi began to cry as Her body was racked with tears as she was hit full force with what she did, Seiko was so heart broken, She didnt want Naomi to cry "please dont cry Naomi, Im ok see, no reason to beat youself up about it the School got to you is all" Naomi was confused why wasent Seiko mad at Her? She should HATE Her! "BUT IF THAT *sob**hick* That THING didnt stop Me you would be dead Seiko *wimper* Seiko i couldent do this with out you! I nead you".

Before Seiko could answer something beat Her to it "YOU SAW HIM, DIDNT YOU? I NEW HE WAS STILL HEAR I WASENT CRAZY" Seiko and Naomi gasped as they heard the voice, looking ahead to find a large blue flame hovering above a corpes, with in the flame the silohett of a person from the waist up, Seiko decided to question the Spirit "You know of Him?"


Seiko was about to thank the spirit before it disapeard but before wispering one last thing "YOU LOOK LIKE HER" "well that eas weird maby we should take a look at this tomb, hay Naomi?" Naomi was hesitent in Her answer "Uhh...Ok if you think we should" "Its settled then lets go!"


Seiko was looking around the libary for something to reveal the Tomb when He came across a knote "Hay! Naomi come look at this" "what is it Seiko?" they both read the knote:

It comeing, that being of pure INSANITY it plays with us even as it saves ower lives, like itknows we will die but dosent want to except it! LET ME DIE! please, He has so many names the Death Stalker, Hell Reaper, The Savior, Creaping Demon, The Silant Psycho, The Slayer Of The HammerMan, The merciful Soul, The Boogey Man and so many more! who is he? i heard that He has a resting place in the Libary where He protects the one He loves from desacration, I just want to die, maby i can make Him kill me then that way i KNOW he wont save me. I just have to find the Tomb"

Seiko was suprised by the knote, this person realy wanted to die "Naomi maby this wasent a good idea?" "No way you wanted to do this, so we are going to do it...hay look this book looks different from the others" as Naomi pulled the book out the book shelf moved aside and there was a dark stareway going down "geuss we found the Tomb" seid Seiko, Naomi swallowed thickly "yeah g-geyss we did". So the two girls began there descent.

after getting to the bottem of the dark room there was a hanging light in the middle of the room and in the center a corpes on its knees crouched over, its left side of its face burnt horribly, the right eye slashed, the skull smashe in the back and many sharp tools and knives sticking out the back, just like the ghost it was also missing the vocal cords and tongue. Seiko was shocked by the sight "We are definitly in the right place Naomi, look in in His hand!" in His right hand help tightly was a scrap of paper, just like the spirit seid, as Seiko whent over to retreive the paper Naomi walked around the body and spotted what appeard to be a perfectly preserved dead body of a girl lying on a table completly untouched by time, as she walked forward she gasped. "WHAT! WHAT IS IT?" Seiko asked in concern for Her freind "It-It Looks l-l-like y-you!" Naomi replied, "WHAT!?!" asked Seiko as she began to walk towards the dead girl only to gasp when she saw what looked to be an almost exact mirror image of Herself, the hair was in a pony tail, the uniform was different but apart from that she was pretty close to looking exactly like Seiko.

Naomi was shocked thsi girl looked so much like Seiko, in Her disbaleif she reach out to touch the girls face but a low, gutteral growl vibrated threw the room as the light flickerd, Naomi and Seiko both turned in time to witness a demonic, monsterous being rise fom the boy corpse in the center of the room, Naomi was terrified, She read the knote but the irl looked so much like seiko that she couldent stop Herself, oh God now they were going to be killed by the entity that struck fear in the hearts of GHOSTS! WHAT WAS SHE THINKING!

The Being that was once a human now looked at the insolant girl with short,brown hair with pure rage 'how dare she touch Her, She the purist thing He has witnessed, He should have killed the girl in the girls bathroom' He released a gutt renching rawr and began to advance on Naomi, She tried to run but the THING cornerd Her everytime "I-I-I'm s-sorry I d-d-didnt meen to didsturb Her *wimper* I was *hic**sob**hic* please i'll leave i wont come back i'll let her rest-" Naomi was cut off when the towering black beast slamed its fist on the ground just missing Her left leg She broke into uncontrolable crying and began to beg for Her life "PLEASE DONT KILL ME! IM SORRY PLEASE!" Seiko watched as the creature intimidated Her friend like a cat and a mouse She wouldent let Naomi die so she jump in between the beast and Her freind "YOU LEAVE NAOMI ALONE!" the creature seemed startled and backed away, that same look of care and curiosity entered its eye and it reached out to touch Seiko's cheek, She slapped it away "Dont touch me and dont touch Naomi i wont have you hurt Her!".

Naomi watched as Seiko stood between Her and death, She couldent let Her do this, She'll die! She grabed Seiko's arme "Seiko no it'll kill you!" Seiko looked back and smiled "I dont think He will, He was just upset but i dont think He is anymore look" as Naomi peeked hesitently around Seiko She was shocked to find the Monster was now a boy, who looked just like the corpse of the one in the room, He was hugging Seiko's leg and...crying? He was crying!? "But....He..I...You...?" "Hes not so bad, kinda like a lost child He just wants to be loved and helpful dont you" The not thing...the boy looked up at Seiko and smiled, then shot up onto His feet scareing Naomi and makeing Her yelp before it then dissapeard with a strange gurggaling laugh that sounded like a child that was going to go play......odd but Naomi wasent complaining, He was gone and She and Seiko could leave "Lets go i dont want to stay hear anymore" Seiko nodded in agreement, and they left the Tomb. 

Broken Soul

Naomi and Seiko continued there search through the halls of Heavenly Host but the Naomi's ankle was begineing to play up and she neaded to restt "OW! owowow!" Seiko was worried for Naomi and neaded to find somewhere to rest fast "Hay Naomi lets rest in the Infermery for a little bit" Naomi was very adiment about NOT going in that room "But what about that monster we saw the one that attacked us!" Seiko was prepared for this answer however "That thing pfft we have are own weapon now" She seid with a smile, holding up the paper they found in the tomb "are you sure He would help i meen He dosent seem to like me much" Naomi asked  nervously "It'll be fiiine dont worry, He likes ME!" Seiko replyed with a cheeky smile "well thats something i geuss".

In the Infermery Naomi was nervouse about the possibility of being attacked but Seiko was confident in her plane, everything was going to be ok, Naoim looked to Seiko "My leg feels better now, i think we can move on now" Seiko nodded in reply "ok let me help you up though" to that Naomi smiled gratfull for Her best freinds help, Seiko walked over and allowed Naomi to leen on Her shoulder as they began to make there way out the room, however that plane whent out the window when black hair rapped over the door and a bone chilling voice called out "I SEIID I WOULD KILL YOU" Naomi was terrified She new this was a stupid idea "Oh God were gonna die" Seiko pulled out the paper with a determind look on Her face "No we wont, read it with me Naomi it seys that it will work better with more people".

Naomi was wiling to try ANYTHING even calling for help from something that obviosly dosent like her "ok" the black smock rose from the floor looking at the two girls with two red eyes "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU......I'M GOING TO KILL BOTH OF YOU" Naomi and Seiko looked down at the paper and began to read the words "In This place of death and despair, there is one who may care, we ask you please if we may, to protect us from the pain" The Shadow began to laugh at the perfetic girls moving towards them slowly "You the one who smilled at death, He who haunts this place with no rest, You the saviour who saves those in nead, You the Gaurdien for those who plead" the grround began to shake like one of the earthquaks and the shadow became confused at what was happening "Who takes the pain from owr punished bones, who has forsaken the Gods of old, The Demon who made the deal, Who stalks the cross rouds near ,So we beg you sir, Who's mind is many" The earthquak became worse athe the door began to rattle and slam like something was beating against it from outside "To rescue us from this hell, and punish the hated, Hero of the Hellish Halls, Have Mercy on ower minds and soul, Please hear ower criys and answer ower call, for we are abandoned by all" The shadow began to move forward at a faster speed it could not let them finish, it didnt beleive the storys it thought the victimes only made it up so they had hope in there hearts "WE BEG YOU GUID US IN THIS PLACE WITH OUT GOD!" as soon as they finished the shadow lunged at Naomi and Seiko in an attemt to suffocate them, but the door gave way and in burst a demonic sight that made the shadoe look like something dreamed by a child, the creature launched at the shadow slamming it into the wall, there battle a hectic conjoining of shadow and smoke both fighting to dominate the other.

Seiko was skocked by the battle in front of her, she new it would work but nothing like this, she watched as the shadow was dragged around the room by the wailing beast they called to there aid, she grabed Naomi and pulled her towards the door "COME ON NAOMI WE GOTTA GO!".

Naomi was parilised with fear, this thing made it clear it didnt like her and watching it brutilsie the shadow made her terrified even more 'if it can do this to that thing then what can it do to me if it gets the chance' she was dragged from her thoughts when Seiko pulled her towards the door, she began to limp along with her and out into the corridor, then all the way back to the class they woke up in before stopping to breath.

"Oh my God that thing dosent like me and I'M ALIVE what if you ar'nt around and it sees me its gonna tare me apart! limb from limb, Seiko dont leave me alone with that thing!" Naomi was in hesterics from what she witnessed but Seiko soon held her in a comferting hug whalst she cried into her chest "its ok Naomi i wont let him get you, now calm down" Naomi was so scared but Seiko was right she had to calm down and try to relaxe "Y-your right Seiko i-" before Naomi could finish what she was going to say her words cut short in her throught, face going pail and eyes widening in terror before she cowerd her face back into Seikos chest.

Seiko was surprised at first but when she turned around there stood the ghost boy, balanceing a pencil on his nose? "Oh hay there you, thanks for the help back there" Seiko seid with a smile, the boy looked at her and grinned before dissapearing, Seiko didnt think much of it until she noticed Naomi was gone and heard her fear filled scream, turneing her head back she noticed the boy standing on the edge of the desk holding Naomi by the scruff of her shirt behind the neck, Naomi was crying and seemd to frightend to move as he held her of the ground smilling evily however the playfull glint in his eye showed no malice only mischeife.

"PUT HER DOWN! NOW!" Seiko seid in an affortive tone she only realy uses on her younger siblings when there bad, the boy looked up at her ,that glint back in his eye, shrugged and DROPED Naomi on the floor with a thud makeing Naomi yelp in both shock and pain "HAY! i seid put her down NOT DROP!" Seiko ran over to Naomi and held her as she cried but the boy had other planes, he grabed Seiko and turned into the monster that he preferd to be seen as, "HAY PUT ME DOWN!" the specter that was only seconds ago tormenting Naomi now speed of down the corridors with Seiko in tow leaving Naomi all alone.

My Princess

Seiko was confused one second she was with Naomi and the next she was in that damned Tomb wateing looking at that ghost who seemed very pleased with Himself, now Naomi was ALONE! she was alone and probly frightend! and he was smileing with that stupid grine, she had to find Naomi! "Listen you my freind neads me i cant leave her alone now takeme back! right now! I am not stay-" she commanded him in her athoritive voice only to have him place his finger on her lips and look at her with complete adoration and love that it silenced her mid rant.

The boy didnt want to talk about the other girl that tried to kill this beautiful creature before him 'you are so beuatiful if only i could tell you with my voice, you look just like her, you sound like her, behave like her what are you? how could you exist in this place, are you my punishment, to watch her die agane?', Seiko looked at the boy in silance before gently removeing his hand and looking into his eyes "Please let me go back to her, she means everything to me, i can't loose her please" she pleaded gently hopeing that he will listen to her only for him to look away and shake his head sadly 'I can't loose her not agane.....not agane'. Tears began to build in Seiko's eyes ay his answer. before she could say anything he left the room seiling the door and trapping her in.


Naomi was in the corner of the class room quivering in fear and crying alone 'It took Seiko....IT TOOK SEIKO! I neads Seiko I can't do this with out her and it took her away!' her thoughts whent blank, Naomi stood and walked out the cass with a blank look on her face, with dead eyes...


Satosh was wandering around with Tohko when she stoped him by the girl's bathroom "uhm...I kinda nead to use the little girls room do you mind wateing hear for me?" She asked "Ah yeh sure just dont be long ok" "Sure thing" and with that she whent in, A couple seconds later "MOCHIDA HELP!" Satoshi burst throught the door and found Tohko trying trying to help a girl who was hanging by a rope in one of the stalls, but that was only part of the shock, his face pailed when he saw the girl's face "NAOMI!" he ran over and lifted her onto his shoulders "Dont worry Naomi i'll save!hold on! Kirisaki undo the rope!" Tohko was shoked that Satoshi actuely new the girl but was quick to react "OK!" she started to untie the rope but her hand was shacky and Naomi was kicking ALOT, but she managed to untie the rope, letting Naomi fall from Satoshi's shoulders and onto her with a loud thud "Oomth!".

Satoshi rached down and grabed Naomi lifeting her up "Naomi are you ok" "*Couth**couth* I'm *couth* ok thanks" she looked down when she heard a pained groun to find dhe landed on a girl "Oh God are you ok i didnt hurt you did I?" Tohko was glad she wasent hurt but the pain in her back was killing her "I'm fine thanks, by back is hurting a bit but i'm fine" she seid with a sheepish grin and pained expression, Satoshi almost forgot about Kirisaki "Oh right Naomi this is Tohko Kirisaki, Kirisaki this is Naomi Nakashima one of my freinds" He informed her, Naomi looked down at the girl and quickly got off her and helped her stand "Hi nice to meet you, sorry for falling on you" she seid and blushed slighlty "it's fine thanks, uhm so you'r Mochida's freind" 'Please don't say you'r His girl freind Please, Please, Please' "Oh yeh i've known him since Elementry school, we're good close, thanks agane for saveing my life, both of you" Naomi was gratefull for the rescue but couldent remember how she ended up hanging in the stall? "Naomi what happend why did you try to hang your self?" asked Satoshi "I don't remember doing it, the last thing i remember was-" 'theat thing took Seiko' "Oh my God Seiko! THAT THING TOOK SEIKO! it took her we have to find her!".

Satoshi finaly calmed Naomi down and asked her what was going on, now that he new that SOMETHING took Seiko and that this thing was a real monster with an obssession with the girl and a dislike for Naomi made him nervous "We should try to find her then come on" the three companions left the bathroom but Naom was scared, she wouldent say what she saw, written on the condensation on the mirror, she new it was for her and it terrified her 'I'M WATCHING YOU'.

The Great Escape

Seiko was frustrated and beyond worried, She couldent get the damn door open and Naomi was alone! she let out a frustrated sigh before punching the door, which only resulted in hurting her hand "OW! Oh shit! that was realy clever, how the hell do i get out! I have to find Naomi", She looked over at the body of the girl "Hmmm I have an idea" she walked over to the body a placed her finger on it's nose, it wasent long before she was picked up and placed away from it with a gentle careing hand, She looked at the demonic creature before her with an expectent look "Ok now that i have you'r attention i want out of this room, do you ya hear, i have to find Naomi" at the mention of her best freind's name the creature began to snicker like the whole thing was some inside joke that she didn't get, her look darkend and she scowled at the thing standing before her "If you don't let me find her then i will....I will.......sit on the girl on the table" She threatend, that got a reaction, the creature growled then looked away like a child sulking but didn't move to free her, "Fine then" she walked over and jumped up to sit on her only for a force to puch back and for her to be launched forward onto her face "OWWwwwwww" The creature turned back into its regular form and helped her stand, checking for any injerys but only finding a bruse on her head, she looked at him annoyed before decideing to give him the silant treatment, turneing from his gaze.

He was confused he didn't mean to hurt her it was an accident but she was gonna sit on the other her and he couldent let her do that, now she wouldent look at him, he waved his hand under her face she just ignored it, he stood in front of her she turned, he gurggled at her she didn't speak! he was filled with greife 'Don't hate me, please don't hate me' but she was still ignoreing him, in his sorrow and anguish he turned into the beast that felt like at the time and left in a bolt of amoke and wails of pain, exidently nocking the books from the book cass and opening the door in the proccess.

Seiko looked up with a smile 'Hehe silly ghost' she quickly left the room and closed the door behind her, makeing her way throuh the halls og Heavenly Host.

Naomi, Satoshi and Tohko where passing the Custodian's Closet when the small voice spoke "Big Brother?" then they turned to find Yuka popping her head out the door "Onii-Chan I FOUND YOU!" she ran to Satoshi slamming into him and holding on for dear life "D-dont l-leave m-me agane! Y-y-you hear me n-not EVER!" Satoshi was filled with releif that Yuka was alive "Of course Yuka i'm so sorry, i'm so happy you'r alive, oh Yuka i'm ever letting you out of my sight!".

Naomi and Tohko watched the reuinion with teary eyes, they were both happy for the siblings but Naomi was still worried about Seiko she wished she was hear, she missed her smile, her laugh, the way she would tease her...Oh now shes thinking likes Seikos butshe can't think that way,Seiko can't be dead she just can't.

Seiko was walking down the corridor when she heard the voices of Yuka and Mochida,she turned the corner to witness the reunion and couldent help to notice Naomi and the new girl 'whos that?' she walked up behind Naomi and stood there silantly for a couple of seconds "Whos the new girl? you an't replaced me ay Naomi?" she asked with a cheaky smile.

Naomi jumped at the voice but once she realisde WHO'S voice she spun round "SEIKO!" she then embraced her freind and held on tightly like a life support "Seiko i tho-thought you w-whe-" "O don't start all that agane, lets not ruin Mochida and Yuka's moment now" Naomi smiled at her freind as Satoshi and Yuka walked over "Glad your alive Shinohara" seid Satoshi "I'm happy you'r alive as well" Yuka seid with a small smile earning a "Thank you" and hug from Seiko.

"So what i miss?" Naomi, Tohko, Satoshi and Yuka looed at each other but Naomi answerd "It's a long story" "I have time hehe" so the group of of five walked down the halls watched by a pair of jelouse eyes burneing into Naomi's head.

I Don't Like You

The group walked for a while explaneing to Seiko what she missed and introuceing Tohko as they traveld to the 3rd floor in seach of the others, "Soo let me get this strate you where punched my the man you love this Kizami, who also turnes out to be murdering psycho and you ran away and nearly killed Mochida, is that right Kirisaki?" asked Seiko who looked at Tohko expectently, "Uh...yeah thats right...I feel realy bad about that but this ghost showed up and he was realy scary, but even after what did Mochida still stood up for me and i'm gratefu for that, realy thanks agane" she seid smileing at Satoshi with a light blush.

Seiko didn't like the way Kirisaki looked at Mochida, 'No way she's tackeing Mochid from Naomi, not gonna happen', her thoughts where interupted by an earth quak that nocked her to the ground "Ooomph!" Satoshi grabed onto Yuka who began to cry into his shirt, and Tohko held onto wall for balance, Naomi dropesd on her knees and coverd her head with a yelp.

The quake subsided and the goupe looked at each other releived, Seiko looked up "Wow that was a biggy" Satoshi nodded in agreement, the floor beneath Naomi then collapsed and she fell into the ground bellow "SEEEIIIKOO!" "NAAOOMMII!".

Naomi woke up in the darkness bellow and tried to stand but receiced a protest from her pained ankle "Ow!owowow*wimper*" she looked around but didn't have a clue where she was, it was dark and cold, colder then most the school and the smell of rot was incredibly strong, naomi stood up shakidly with the help of the wall when she heard a strange sound, like mouning? when she turned she saw 5 students but they didnt look right, they had ripped clothes and dead eyes, with black stuff seeping from there eyes and mouth, they shambeled towards her and when they noticed her qwivering form began to run in her direction.

Nomi was terrified, she began to limp away as fast as her legs will take her, sh ran at the door but it wouldent open, SHE WAS TRAPED! she was traped in hear! through her tears she saw a face through the window in the door, the ghost boy from the tomb the one that didn't like her, did he lock te door? she was horrified to realise her fate was in HIS hands!

"P-p-ple-please o-o-open th-the door please!" she begged the ghost hopeing that he woud have pitty on her but he just shook his head slowly with a grin, she could hear the students getting closer and she began to beg for her life "PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR! ple-please open it, i know you don't like me, I-I kn-know this I do and I agree i'm not proud of my self, I'm not but please open the door, please help me!" The ghost looke thoughtfull for a second makeing Naomi's heart fill with hope he might help her but this was dashed when he then shrugged and turned away! "NO! PLEASE! HELP, HELP! help me, please, please help me please!" she begnan to cry, repeating herself over and over agane as the students grabed her and began to pull her from the door, they bit into her neck, her arme, her thigh and began to tare at her shirt, Naomi was distraut, she was going to die! she didn't want to die!

The door burst open and the students looked up before running away like cockrouchs to the sun as the demonic forme toward over Naomi, one student was busy ripping her shirt and didn't notice the others run until he was raised off his feat and had a fist sized hole puncterd through his chest and droped to the ground lifeless with a thud, Naomi flinched and closed her eyes tightly thinking maby he wanted to kill her but the thud made her open them. He saved her, but.....he hated her? Naomi droped onto her hands and knees at the demonic beings feet "Thank you, thank you so much i th-thought i-" her thanks died in her throught as the being growled and turned back into his true appearance looking at Naomi with a scowl,  "IIII DDDOOOONN LLLLIIIIEE YYYYUUU, IIII DDDOOOONNN UUUUSST YYYUUU" he growled at her, Naomi blined back the tears as she tried to think of a way out of this situation "I uh....ok thats true, but Seiko would be upset if you killed me or let me die" she was pulling at strews and praying he wouldent just tare out her heart, the growl she received made her back into the corner as he began to walk towards her menicinly before she blacked out.

Naomi woke up to someone shakeing her "Naomi, NAOMI WAKE U!" "Sei-Seiko?" when she opend her eyes she was so happy to see her freind she grabed hold of her and began sobbing, but from behind Seiko watched the boy walking away with a skip in his step.

Leap Of Faith

Mis.Yui was worried, it has been so long since the spirit spoke to her and she was getting a bad feeling he might not be comeing back when she felt the room get colder, her breath was comeing out in small gasps and she turned to the door to find a familiar spirit standing there with a large grin on his face.

"Did you find them?" she was hopeing he did and seeing him nod gave her a new hope "Where are they can you lead me to them?" he nodded agane and took her hand before walking along up through the halls of the school.


Seiko looked to Satoshi with a detemind look, then she turned to Naomi "Naomi you should tell Mochida" this got a startled reaction from her freind as a blush engulfed her face "Seiko i can't this is not realy the place for that  and I don't want to burden him anymore" she replyed hopeing that Seiko would just drop it but no such luck "Naomi if you don't then I will, it's you'r choice, I refuse to let you never have the chance, what if he dies you'r reget it forever" Naomi didn't hink of that and now she was realy nervouse, Seiko would actualy do it she new that, so she decided the best thing would be to promise she will "Ok Seiko i'll do it when i get the chance ok i will" that seemed to satisfy her freind.

Satoshi was lost but he wouldent tell the girls this no because that would just worry them, he was deep in thought when he heard the voice "So my students are alive and safe right, there not in trouble, you promised me but i did have my doubts but now i see i was wrong, thank you i can't wait ot find them" Satoshi looked over a large hole and on the other side stood Mis.Yui holding hands with the Ghost boy with the ruined face, rambling on in a one sided conversation "Mis.Shishido! over hear!" he shouted to get her attention.

Mis.Yui looked up to see Mochida, Yuka, Nakashima and Shinohara with another girl she didn't know across the hole in the hall "Mochida, Nakashima, Shinohara, yuka is that realy you!?! It's so good to see you, hold on i'll find away across-" she was cut of when the ghost picked her up bridal style, she looked at him uncetently "uhm..W-what are y-you doing?" she asked, he looked down with an insane, plaayful glint in his eye before looking across the gap with a determind look, Mis.Yui Pailed as she realised he was going to try and JUMP the gap! She was going to protest when he ran forwards and right at the edge kicked of the gound and into the air, she closed her eyes tightly and held on for dear life, still finding it weird that she can touch him but that was the last thing on her find.

She was then placed onto her feet, she opend her eyes to find that he was standing an inch from the gap, any less and they wouldent be on solid ground, she sighed in releif before turneing and embraceing her students, "Thank you so much" she turned to the spirit to find him gone, well she found this group now to find the rest, she was just glad she wasent alone in this search.


Mis.Yui was distraut, she had found four of her students but when that man showed up she lost the Mochida siblings, she turned to the two girls beside her, Naomi was panicking whalst Seiko was working to calm her down "Are you two ok, you'r not hurt are you?" Seiko looked towards Mis.Yui before looking back at her crying freind "We're ok mis.Yui, Naomi just a little panicked about looseing the others, dont worry i'm sure there fine.....there with Mochida after all" she tried to comfort Naomi but the girl just broke into more sobs "BUT *sob* we-we *hic* We aban-aba-abandined *sob*hic*sob* them!" Mis.Yui held Naomi's shouders and looked her dead in the eyes "Nakashima, we will find them....ok?" Naomi nodded in agreement and whiped her eyes "Ok then lets find a place to reast ok?" they agreed and whent of to find a room to rest in, they enterd the class room with out a second thought but seeing the class made Naomi stop in her tracks "what is it Naomi, whats wrong?" Seiko asked concerned "Th-this is class 3-A, the one we got traped in! oh God we gotta leave!" she turned to go but the door released a forbouding click that alerted teh three that they where not leaving anytime soon.


Mis.Yui stood in front of Naomi and Seiko holding out her armes in a protective manner "Please let me and my students go, we did not meen to disturbe you w-" "A TEACHER?.......I HATE TEACHERS, THERE ALWAYS SO HIGH AND MIGHTY......DIDN'T BOTHER GIVEING ME A CHANCE AT ALL.....HOOLIGAN, THUG, DELINQUENT.....NEVER MY  NAME NEVER MOCHIDA, NEVER ...." Naomi was shocked by the name and steped around Mis.Yui "Mochida? you'r name is Mochida? but how Satoshi is'nt dead-" "SATOSHI?.....SATOSHI......MY NEPHEW I GEUSS........SHOULDENT BE SURPRISED I DONT RESENT HIM FOR LIVEING HIS LIFE, HAVEING A FAMILY...NAH HE DESERVED IT POOR KID......GEUSS ALL HE NEADED WAS TO HAVE ME ERASED FROM HIS LIFE, NO MORE BAD ROLE MODDEL.......BUT THEN YOU KNOW MY NEPHEW, SMALL WORLD..." the spirit mused as he thought about his kin being traped hear as well.

Seiko steped over to Naomi and tried to pull her away as she noticed the spirit darken in coler "Naomi i think we should was nice meeting you and we will tell Satoshi and Yuka we met you but we realy must be-" "YUKA? WHO IS YUKA?" Seiko was nervouse, should she tell him? "Well Yuka is Satoshi's younger sister..." "FUCK THIS DAMN SHIT HOLE! YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY YOU LITTLE BITCH, IF I GET MY HANDS ON YOU I'LL STRANGEL YOU OVER AND OVER I'LL MAKE YOU REPEAT YOU'R DEATH FOREVER YOU LITTLE WHOR!" Seiko was sjocked by the outburst and held onto Naomi who hid her face in her chest with a loud yelp, Mis.Yui moved infront pf her students agane "Listen we can still try to find the Mochidas we just got split up bu-" she was cut off whent the spirit threw her into the wall and she landed on her brocken arme, he then grabed Seiko and threw her behind the desk before lifting Naomi by the throught and slamming her onto the table "TELL ME.......HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TORNE APART IN MIND, BODY AND SOUL BECAUSE IF NOT I CAN SHOW YOU HOW THAT FEELS RIGHT NOW.........TODAYS LESSION, HOW TO BREAK A THE BODY..........FIRST YOU FIND THE PLACE YOU WANT TO BREAK AND THEN YOU APPLY PRESURE" as he spoke he bgan to press hard on Naomis twisted ankle makeing her screem in pain "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" "THEN YOU WAIT OR THE SNAP".

As he pushed he noticed the girl behind the desk, she looked familiar, he stoped his torture and walked over, the girl backed away but he grabed her chin and forced her to face him "HONOKA......IS THAT YOU HONOKA?" Seiko was confused to say the least, what was he talking about "WHAT! no i'm Seiko, S E I K O, not Honoka, Seiko Shinohara" "NO, NO,NO,NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONO.........NOT YOU TOO, SHE...NO IT WAS BAD ENOUTGH SHE DIED BUT....NO YOU HAVE TO LEAVE GET OUT! IF HE KNOWS WHAT I DID IM DONE...." then he notced the paper scrap and looked horrified "DID YOU READ IT? DID YOU READ IT!? PLEASE SAY YOU DIDN'T READ THAT ACURSED THING..."  Seiko looked at the paper with a small grin "Maby i did maby i didn't whats it to you" The spirit was terriefied that he was about to get a blast from the past "OK! OK YOU CAN LEAVE...Y-YOU C-C-CAN GO, OUT WITH ALL OF YOU, HE, HE NEVER COMES HEAR WE DONT CROSS, I DONT CROSS HIM...".


Seino looked at the spirit with uncerten eyes but felt pity from his stroty "Yes my name is Seiko Shinohara, why dose that matter" "BECAUSE YOU'R GREAT AUNT WAS AMONG US WHO DIED" replyed the spirit with a dark expression makeing Seiko gasp "M-my great aunt....but i never heard of her" "THATS BECAUSE WHEN YOU DIE HEAR YOU ARE WIPED FROM EXISTENCE...LIKE YOU WHERE NEVER BORNE AT ALL" the three looked at each outher nervously, if they died they where forgotten.

The spirit had a thought "I AM DEN MOCHIDA AND...I WOULD LIKE TO MEET MY NEICE AND NEPHEW........MAY I COME WITH YOU?" Seik looked at the spirits hopefull gaze before nodding "Sure! as long as you don't go ape shit agane" The spirit chuckled "SURE THING.....BLOOD OF SHINOHRA".

Spectral Meeting

Naomi, Seiko and Mis.Yui where still searching for there freinds with there new companion, an ancestor of the Mochida siblings, he introduced himself as Den and told them all about the school and what happens when you die hear, Naomi realy didn't want anyone to die if there be forggotten.

Den looked at Naomi "HAY I JUST WANT TO...APPOLOGISE FOR EARLIER, HOWS YOU'R LEG?" he asked lookeing at her imp he could see she was in pain. Naomi looked at the spirit with a cross expression "how do you think my leg is?" she asked harshly, he looked away "PERHAPS I SHOULD EXPLAIN MORE......ABOUT TAMOTSU SHADOU, HE WAS THE CREATURE YOU SAW, THE ONE THAT HELPED YOU GUYS.....WELL HE DOSENT SEEM TO LIKE YOU THOUGH- AS A WOMAN YOU MUST OF DONE SOMETHING TERRIBLE TO GAIN HIS WRATH HEHEHA"  Naomi looked down, then at the burne mark on Seiko's neck with teary eyes "I...I tried to kill Seiko...." Seiko looked at Naomi with a face that seid 'realy this agane' "Naomi how many times must i say the school got to you, it wasen't you'r fault ok".

Naomi smiled softly at Seiko scaulding her "I'm sorry, it's hard not to think like that.....especialy when i see you'r neck.." "AH...MAKES SENSE, SHINORAHRA WAS THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD TO HIM......YOU ARE VERY STUPID TO PISS HIM OFF IN SUCH A WAY HEHEHA".

Meenqhile Satoshi and Tohko walked with Keizo "SHE SOUNDS LOVELY......WHY DOSE GOD HATE US? WHY MUST THIS HAPPEN? WE- WAIT I SENSE A PRESENCE" Tohko looked at Mochida nervously "THREE CORPERAL BEINGS ONE ENTITY"  as he spoke Naomi, Seiko, Mis.Yui and Den walked around the corner. Naomi looked up and smiled brightly "SATOSHI!", Satoshi and Tohko ran over to the group, Satoshi hugged Naomi "I'm so glad to see you alive" he blushed when he realised what he did and quickly backed away rubbing the back of his head.

Den was transfixed with the sight, his nephew Satoshi "SATOSHI......I CAN'T BELEIVE IT, I-WHERE IS YUKA?" he looked around for his neice but there was no sign. Satosh looked confused at the spirit " i know you?" Naomi steped in "Hes you'r uncle, Satoshi this is Den Mochida" Satoshi looked at the spirit in disbaleife, he had an uncle that he never new? because he had died in this place..."SATOSHI, YOU LOOK SO MUCH LIKE YOU'R FATHER.....LIKE A MIRROR IMAGE, WHERE IS MY NEICE? I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO MEET HER" Satoshi looked down at his feet "We where seperated, whent the guy with the hammer showed up...." "DAMN......WELL WE HAVE TO FIND HER" "DEN....MY OLD FREIND HOW ARE YOU, IT IS GOOD TO SEE A FAMILIAR FACE" Den looked to see Keizo standing not far from him "YAMAMOTO......IT'S GOOD TO SEE YOU TOO, THANK YOU FOR HELPING MY NEPHEW" he smiled "TURNES OUT MY NEICE IS HEAR TOO, SO WE BOTH HAVE A STAKE IN ALL THIS" Den nodded stiffly before they turned down the hall in seach for the descendents, there liveing companions in tow.

Back At The Funny Farm

Somewhere in Heavenly Host a boy walked through the halls, he was panicked and cinfused 'He stabed best freind stabed me, no not my freind' Kurosaki thought to himself, still in great pain from the stitchs in his stumach "Ahg.....damn, how am i alive?" He asked himself, all he remembered was Kizami tortureing him, stabbing and sliceing him, then he passed out and woke up in the Infermery, a note on the counter seid 'Patient is stable and alive......i pat myself on the back for a job well done. You Are Welcome' it just added more to his confusion.

As Kurosaki made his way down a dark corridor he heard mouns of pain, as he got closer the person sounded familiar 'cpild it?' He turned the corner t find a badly heard Kizami, his legs looked brocken, one was completly twisted, his armes where bent in odd angles at the joints and he was missing an eye, his face was slightly he was alive was a miracle.

"Kizami?!" Kizami looked up to see his 'best freind' alive "Oh God why?..." he mutterd 'can't i just die', Kurosaki walked over to him "Hehe....not so great when you'r on the receiving end huh?" he then punched Kizami in the face "THAT was for being a crazy as fuck!" he then hugged him "This is because i know my freind is still in you somewhere" he was not going to give up on his freind, not yet.

Kizami was shocked by the punch and even more so by the hug, "Are you done?", Kurosaki let go and nodded "Yah, so i have to ask....what happend" this got a dark chuckel from Kizami "Wel turnes out that the spirit of Tamotsu Shaou, a powerful being with a twisted sense of justice, woud rather me be crippled then a spirit hehe....geuss he dosent like the idea of my soul doing what ever it wants".

"Onii-Chan?! Onii-Chan!? i got something for you" seid the happy voice of a younger boy behind Kurosaki, he turned as Kizami smiled to find the ghost of a 14 year old boy, his leg looked damaged but apart from that no wounds, he smiled at the new person "Whos this Onii-Chan?" Kizami chuckled lightly "This is Kurosaki, Kurosaki meet Ishio, He has decided i'm his Onii-Chan, since his abandoned him afr=ter wounding his leg....left him to die so he can save himself" Kizami growled, Kurosaki just looked at him "You sound pritty pissed, but you'r no better you tried to kill me, tried to murder that poor girl with delusins of her being you'r sister and you murderd our freinds!" He yelled at Kizami who just stared blankly at him "I woud never harm my little brother if i had one and i may kill people but i have never and will never rape someone....".

Kurosaki was shocked, this boys brother raped someone? thats horrid! Kizami forced himself to stand as Ishio walked over and began to place a splint on his left leg, which was still usible but with great pain, he then place a maiz bandage around his head to cover his missing eye. "Better Onii-Chan?" Ishio asked hopefully, Kizami was feeling a little better but was still in pain, he rose to his feet "Yes thank you, Kurosaki, from what i have found out we must find Tamotsu Shadou, he is owr only hope of escape.....and i have a feeling i know where to look", Kurosaki let Kizamilean on his shoulder as they began searching the school, Ishio by there side.

A Shaky Aliance And A Heartles Bastard

Den and Keizo watched there liveing companions who are so linked to them that it seemed unreal, Seiko was a spitting image of Shinohara and Satoshi was just like his father, there comapnions, Naomi, Tohko and the teacher Yui where all tired but pushing on with determination.

Kurosaki was watching Kizami at all times in case he tried anything agane when the boy Ishio stopped "onii-chan i sense people......but two are not liveing" Kizami stoped and looked ahead seeing five familiar faces round the corner "So you are all still alive....interesting Shadou is good at what he dose".

Satoshi was shocked to see the psychopath, Kizami, alive and walking-barley-"How are you alive! I watched that thing drag you away near death!?" he was in complete disbaleif. Kizamai just grined "I had help from my 'Little brother'" he gesterd to the small ghost boy around Yukass age.

Tohko was becomeing more and more terrified by the second, Kizami was ALIVE! how? he should be dead, now they were going to die she new it! thats when Den steped forward "Do my eyes deceive me? Ishio......I-I'm so sorry, i was hopeing you might of lived.......forgive me, please? i wished only to help you all..." Ishio looked at the older ghost with a small smile "it's ok Den, its not you're fault....Onni-chan seid you sacraficed youreslf but i know what happend......i'm sorry i left woud have been better then Koga" the younger ghost spoke with great sorrow "but i have a new onii-chan and he seid he will never abonden me....and now that we found you, you wont be alone ether!".

Keizo looked at the batterd boys before him with a knowing look "ah....Kurosaki and Kizami i asume? yes the sirits of those you killed wisper you're names......but mostly that of there murderer, last i heard of you two Kizami gutted his 'best freind' then got draged off by Tamotsu himself, ironic if i say so myself......oh and it is good to see you Ishio" he spoke with a lopsided smile.

Satoshi steped forward "Ok we don't want trouble and you look pritty beat so i suggest we work together.....what ya say?" Satoshi reached out his hand.

Kizami thought about it for a short while before reaching out and grasping Satoshi's hand "ok deal but-" he pulled Satoshi forward "-Dosent meen we are freinds, got that" Satoshi gulped quickly "Got it".

The group began walking further into the school.


Sachiko was sitting at the piano when she noticed the ghost that was leaning on a wall nearby "Shadou Onii-Chan, what bringes you hear? shouldent you be foolishly trying to protect the students for the-what is it-45th time now" the insane little girl giggled, Tamotsu only laughed at the taunt "I admit that the loop was getting anoyng but you know i only care for her" he spoke in a light hearted manner to the young gitl in red.

Sachiko loved this game "Ever since you proposed this idea its just been better and better watching you're face when Seiko dies and you faied agane and agane and agane! and the amount of times you killed Naomi! all because you can't forgive! hahahahahahahahahah!" she cackled madly, Tamotsu fell silant watching the grirl with creul eyes "Well It was you you made me a heartless bastard after all" he gestued towards the hole in his chest , makeing the girl laugh harder and fall of the seet.

Sachiko got up and held a bloody, beating heart in her hands "Awww dose Shadou Onii-chan want his heart back? well i dont think i want's pointless you know you're tongue may let you finaly speak to the ones you want to save but!" she began to smile widley with an insane gint in her eyes "you wil loose it as soon as the loop begines agane HAHAHAHHAHA!".

Tamotsu growled at this distressing news and clenched his hands into fists "Well if you are so great and powerfull then you wont be scared of my next action" he then began to walk menicinly towards the gitl as she backed away from him "Uhm....Tamotsu what are doing?...I was only maveing fun......don't do about we add a rule that you keep it, hows that sound?" she gave a nervouse giggle as he loomed over her then reach out and grabed her by the throught, cutting of her aire, not that she neaded it but the familiar feeling of fingers rapped around her neck had already began its work, he raised her off the ground as she clawed at his fingers desperatly kicking her legs trying to get free "P-P-Please?......S-s-top" he mind flased to that night, her mothers corpse beneath her, kneck twisted in an unnatural angle and blood pouring on the ground the head teacher holding her by the throught, above the corpes, she couldent breath! why was this happening!

As quickly as it started she was droped to the ground gasping for aire as the creul being above her lowerd himself to eye level "You made me heartless and unable to deal with my anger little girl" and with that she was alone, sobbing in the music room as memories flashed in her mind.


It took several hours for Sachiko to gain enough strengh to stand up after Shadou attacked Her. She was shacking all over "You want to play like that then Shadou then fine,we will play" she began to laugh histericly as a dark shadow began to seep out of the room.

Tamatso had left the students in the care of His old teacher so that He can search for the 4 students in this space, but Yuka & Den insisted on helping Him find Morchida. "alright you two, stay by my side & we should be ok" He didnt like the feeling of this space. "Ok Shadou ill stay close" seid Yuka as Den meerly grunted in answer.

A dark cloud began to form in front of them making Tamatsu stop in His tracks, the thing was looking right at Him, stareing Him down. Tamatso was about to change when it spoke "Well you must be that spirit that just can't behave right. well Shadou perhaps i should lay out hoe this realy works, YOU become depressed, YOU go insane then YOU kill THEM" the shadow began cackling insanly as Tamatso glared at it. Then the shadow was on Him like a rash, He couldent fight it, everything whent black.


That thing just possessd Shadou! Shit this is'nt good "Shadou! Shadou are you ok!?!" He just stood there silently, just giggleing to Himself. "Yuka come with me, we gotta go" "what about Shadou?" "listen we gotta go". Tamotsu turned to us "WHERE ARE YOU GOING MOCHIDA? DONT YOU TRUST ME HUHUHUHHAHAHAUHAHAHAUHAHAHUHherrrrr" I grabed Yuka & made a mad dash down the corridor, Shadou laughing insanly behind us. 

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