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You must wake up! ...My precious Lord. Give her the light of merciful purgation from sins!! Release the seal!!

—Azusa Takai, Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko's Game of Love ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U

Azusa Takai




高井 梓紗
(たかい あずさ)


Takai Azusa


Wife (嫁)
Az (あーちゃん)


17 years old




164 cm / 5'4½"


48.2 kg / 106.2 lbs

Birth Date

April 29 (Taurus)

Blood Type

AB (Rh-) type


St. Cruz Girls' High School


Martuba's Tomb


High school student
Member of Martuba's Tomb





Cause of Death

Darkening. (Possible)

Voice Actor

Yukana Nogami

Azusa Takai (高井 梓紗 Takai Azusa?) is a character introduced in Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko's Game of Love ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U.

She is the main protagonist in FANFICTION - Azusa and Yuuya - Extra scene, and the secondary protagonist in FANFICTION - Azusa and Magari - Extra scene.

She's a student from St. Cruz Girls' High School and a victim trapped inside Heavenly Host Elementary School, who, unlike most of the victims, got trapped after performing the "Promise of The Sacred Shroud" ritual instead of the Sachiko Ever After.


Azusa is a teenage girl of above average height and below average weight. She has straight blonde hair with side swept bangs that cover her left eye, and blue eyes with a beauty mark underneath her left lip. She wears the St. Cruz Girls' High School uniform: a white single-breasted jacket with red edges, a pleated white skirt with red edges, black stockings, brown loafers and a white beret with red edges.


Azusa is a second year student at St. Cruz Girls' High School, a preparatory school for missionaries. She has divine powers which she can use to defeat evil spirits.

Azusa comes off as a mature, reliable person to others. She is calm and composed, and is able to make decisions after assessing her surroundings. Her approachable personality makes her able to befriend anyone fairly quickly. She also likes to tease others, and easily shrugs off Ran's advances.

Deep down, Azusa is a person who can’t live without others. She benefits by taking advantage of favors and trusts she gains from other people. Believing herself to be chosen by God, she will not hesitate to betray her “friends” if that means she achieves something greater and lives according to her standard. She also possesses a violent side and is willing to get rid of people who are in her way. She can’t stand being out-of-the-loop and always tries to be “in,” making herself to be known and likable. Despite her selfish behavior, she despairs if she is rejected or hated by other people.


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