This page is for AtlasAtrium as an independent video game developer. If you want to see him as a user, go here.
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Creator Information
Known For

Turn-based JRPG

Notable Works

Corpse Party: For Another Day


AtlasAtrium's Heavenly Host forums account

AtlasAtrium is an independent video game developer. He specializes in turn-based JRPG-styled games, but is more popularly known for his Corpse Party: For Another Day fan game.


Here are the listing of the games created by AtlasAtrium.

Corpse Party Games

Original Games

  • Day of the Wolf (Currently in developement.)
  • Spirit Dancer: Humanity Falls (RPG Maker VX Ace). (On hiatus.)  Open world cyberpunk RPG
  • Seraphim Spire (RPG Maker VX Ace). (On hiatus.)  Linear modern/supernatural RPG
  • Cherry Soda (RPG Maker VX Ace). (Concept Stage) Story-based modern/fantasy game
  • Witchcraft (RPG Maker VX Ace). (Canceled.) Linear fantasy RPG
  • Once This Time (RPG Maker VX Ace). (Canceled.) First game


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