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Just shut up and listen to me.

—Aspen to Brooklyn, Corpse Party: Foreigner

Aspen Sinclair
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15 years old




163 cm / 5'4


51.7 kg / 114 lbs


Gossamer High School


High school student
Grocery clerk


10th grade




Aspen's Family Tree

Aspen Sinclair is an original character created by Aion Rankin. She is a 10th grade student in Gossamer High School and is in Chapter 1 of Corpse Party: Foreigner.


Aspen is a 15-year old girl who has long dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. Despite having dark features, she is very pale with freckles across her nose. Normally, she wears a black knit skirt and a band tee shirt, as well as black gladiator-type sandals. She, like the other girls, is not from Japan, therefore she does not wear a specific uniform, however, it's mentioned that Aspen wears uniform-type outfits to school. She carries her things in a small floral backpack.


Most of Aspen's classmates describe her as 'odd' and 'quiet', and she rarely speaks. When she does talk, she talks in a quiet voice and nobody really hears her. She is a genius, having been moved up twice in her school career. She met Viola in her chorus class, and Viola approached her wanting to get lessons and tutoring in math. Because of that, Viola is definitely closer to Aspen than any of the other girls. Her intelligence surpasses Brooklyn's, and in her 8th grade year, she was awarded for her GPA being one of the highest in the state of Florida. She doesn't really like Brooklyn because of her 'whiny, high-pitched voice' and her overall demeanor, thus changing her attitude and outlook on being in the school.


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  • Her name, Samantha Aran, was temporary, and it was a reference to the Metroid game series' protagonist, Samus Aran.

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