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The Antique Doll (文化人形 Bunka Ningyō?, lit. "Bunka Doll") is a common enemy in Seiko MindBreak! (Nebulous 8bit Style).

Antique Doll (Blue)

Antique Doll (Blue)


The Blue Antique Doll is the first enemy encountered in the game, she can only take one hit before dying.

Her movements are very simple: she will move forward until she hits a wall, then she will turn around and move to the other side. However, if there is a gap in front of her, she will continue to move forward and fall in.

Antique Doll (Red)

Antique Doll (Red)


The Red Antique Doll is an enemy encountered in the late stages of the game. Like her blue counterpart, she can only take one hit before dying. She also walks similarly to the blue antique dolls, however she won't fall off ledges.

After she sees Seiko Shinohara, she will remove her head and throw it at her. Her head is invincible, and attacking her face-to-face will most likely result in Seiko getting herself hurt. To get around this, it's best to sneak behind the red antique doll and attack. After losing her head, the headless antique doll will now act like her blue counterpart.

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