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Anatomical Model (人体模型 Jintai Mokei?) is an enemy encountered later in Seiko MindBreak! (Nebulous 8bit Style).

Anatomical Model (Light)

Anatomical Model (Light)
Anatomical model


The Light Anatomical Model is the first version of the models found in the game.

He has two health points, and is seen usually standing and looking around. However one must be proceed with caution because once he sees Seiko Shinohara, he starts approaching her and even jumps with her. The tactic in beating him is to attack him front behind and dodge him until he can be attacked again.

Anatomical Model (Dark)

Anatomical Model (Dark)
Anatomical model2


The Dark Anatomical Model is the second version of the models found near the end of the game.

He also has two health point, but his movements are different. When he sees Seiko, he will start to stalk her. Luckily, he is not able to jump and will get stuck easily. Once you hit him, one half of his body disappears and he will start crawling towards you.

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